These are the best tasting chickens I have ever cooked!
You just can't find them any better than this.
 -  Jennifer L.

We bought a Variety Box a couple of weeks ago which is the combination of both the Beef and Pork Boxes with a Chicken added.  We have sampled most of it and have to say it is top-notch! We are calling Gary to order a whole beef and pig!  Can't wait to fill up the freezers with the high quality products.
 -  Bobby D.

Your steaks and burgers are so amazingly full flavored, rich and juicy!
 -  Jesse P.

We just had the best rib steak ever!  Thank you so much for providing true grass fed beef with great flavor.  The pork is equally good and we recommend you to everyone we meet.
 -  Camilla K.

Having our first t-bone from the half of cow we picked up this week from Rocky Ridge Ranch. Served with honey ginger carrots and a pear, walnut and goat cheese salad.  The meat was FANTASTIC!!!  If you haven’t purchased meat from Gary... you should!!
 -  Bobby D.

Last week I had the pleasure of going out and visiting a local organic farm about 40 minutes outside of Spokane.  The farm, dating back to 1887, is situated on 400 acres of grazing land and pastures.  To say it is beautiful would be an understatement.
 -  Ashley R.

Happy 75th Birthday to you!  We sure do appreciate you!  You have definitely earned the right to rest, but instead, you’re still out there on Rocky Ridge farming, feeding hogs and fixing fan dampers.  I know with your get-up-and-go personality you’d have a difficult time just sitting back and watching someone else grow the corn and buck the hay, but I’m hoping you give yourself a day or two of rest in celebration of 75 years of productivity and at least 50 years of service to others.  
Thank you for everything you do!  We appreciate the hard work and labor of love you and So devote to your farm and your CSA customers. 
There’s no better CSA out there!
 -  Carrie & Kurt

I just had the most rich, delicious chicken broth I made from our last delivery.  Good work!  We are very happy with our decision to join you and So for the CSA next year :)
Thank you!!!
- Angel

Rocky Ridge Ranch owners keep it real!  Read the story here!
 -  Michael Guilfoil, News Correspondent for The Spokesman-Review

Their produce is absolutely beautiful.  The two of them definitely do things right.
- Garry N.

We love their pork!  And we plan to order another whole pig soon!
Nicole L.