Whole Turkey Deposit


    • PLEASE NOTE:  Our turkeys are not currently in stock but we are accepting pre-orders for delivery prior to Thanksgiving.  We have a limited supply of turkeys each year so they are available on a first come - first serve basis.  Best to order early for the holidays!


    • The deposit for ordering a turkey is $75 with the adjusted weight balance to be paid at $5 per pound upon delivery
    • Typical weight is 15-25lbs
    • There are no additional processing fees
    • The whole bird is fresh flash frozen in a freezer bag
    • Poultry orders are delivered at our Farm Stand
    • Specialty parts such as feet, gizzards, and heart not included but can be requested on bulk orders and will be provided if available in a separate container for $4.00/lb.  The neck is usually included within the whole birds packaging.