Select A Cut - Sausages

Please Note:  All weights are typical and approximate.  As these can sometimes vary, cost adjustments for exact weights will be invoiced upon delivery.

Select A Cut - Sausages


    All Sausage and Links, except as indicated below, are seasoned only and require cooking.

    Approx 6 per 1lb package.


    Ground Pork Sausage

    Unseasoned  Cost $6, 1lb pkg

    Country Mild Seasoning  Cost $7,  1lb pkg

    Sage  Cost $7,  1lb pkg

    Sweet Italian  Cost $7,  1lb pkg


    Sausage Links & Dogs - 7 inch jumbo size

    Country Mild Seasoning (Breakfast Links)  Cost $9,  1lb pkg

    Sweet Italian  Cost $9,  1lb pkg

    Bratwurst  Cost $9,  1lb pkg

    Kielbasa  Cost $9,  1lb pkg,  (precooked)

    Polish Sausages  Cost $9,  1lb pkg,  (precooked)

    German  Cost $9,  1lb pkg,  (precooked and some beef added)

    All Beef Franks (hot dogs)  Cost $9,  1lb pkg,  (precooked)


    Please note:

    • There is a $50 minimum for all online orders.  Any combination of products from our Farm Store can be ordered to meet the minimum.
    • When making your selection, items that are grayed out are temporarily of of stock.
    • For large quantity orders please contact us first so we can ensure we have enough inventory to meet your needs.


    All meat is double wrapped, labeled, and fresh flash frozen for long term freezer storage.  Special wrapping can be requested.  Plastic bags known commonly as “chubs” may be used at times for ground meats.  USDA Processing must be requested if purchaser plans to re-sale the meat.