Pork Lunch Assortment Box


Pork Lunch Assortment Box


    This product will be back in stock around late October.


    Our heritage Berkshire Pork is free range pastured, and fed only non-gmo soy free feed that is always mixed fresh at our farm.


    Lunch assortment boxes contain:

    2 - Belly Bacon, approx 1 lb pkgs, great for BLT sandwiches
    1 - Smoked Sausages, approx 1 lb pkg, great for large foot long hot dogs
    2 - Fresh Ground Pork, approx 1 lb pkgs, great for meat balls, spaghetti sauce, etc
    1 - Ham Steak Slices, approx 1-1/2 lbs, great for sandwiches
    1 - Deli Ham Slices, approx 1 lb pkg, great for sandwiches
    1 - Pork Cutlets or Pork Steak, approx 1 lb pkg, great to grill for sandwiches
    1 - Pork Jerky pkg, great for snacks
    1 - Pork Neck Bones pkg, great for soup
    1 - Surprise item


    Item selection may vary depending upon availability.  Substitutions will be of equal or higher value.