Meat CSA Full Share

Meat CSA Full Share


    The Meat CSA Full Share consists of 12 weekly deliveries per Season. 


    There are two options too choose from:

    • Per Season = $1320  (includes 3 free week)
    • All 3 Seasons = $3600  (includes 6 free weeks)


    Please note: Joining our CSA programs require becoming a Member. Visit our Membership page for access to the sign up form.


    The CSA Farmer acts as the Club Leader. You'll actually be pre-ordering and purchasing a portion of a live beef, hog and lamb along with poultry owned by Rocky Ridge Ranch at the farm. In addition your Membership cost pays for: arranging the slaughter and processing, picking up the packaged fresh frozen meat, sorting out your portions and storing it in bulk for you in a freezer at the farm. Then each week part of your portion of the packaged meat is selected and packed in a cooler for delivery to you.