Custom Order Beef - Quarter / Half / Whole


Custom Order Beef - Quarter / Half / Whole


    • A deposit of $250 is required to order a Quarter Beef


    • A deposit of $500 is required to order a Half Beef

    • A deposit of $1000 is required to order a Whole Beef


    Please Note:


    1. From the day you place your order the average wait until delivery is currently 2-3 months, or delayed until spring if freezing weather interferes with processing.
    2. When the animal goes to processing the balance (based on the hanging carcass weight) is $4.50 per pound and must be paid to us before the meat can be picked up from the processor.
    3. There are separate butcher’s processing fees which range from $0.85 – $1.20 per pound. These butcher fees are also charged on the hanging weight.
    4. The processor charges additional fees for smoking, curing, and sometimes for the packaging of specialty meats such as the heart, liver, tail, tongue, bones, and fat trimmings.
    5. The customer must provide the butcher with any instructions indicating how they want the meat processed (what cuts, curing, smoking, etc).
    6. Customer will be notified by the processor when the meat order is complete and ready for pick up.  At that time the customer will pick up the order directly from the processor and pay the processors fees as described above.


    All meat is double wrapped, labeled, and fresh flash frozen for long term freezer storage.  Special wrapping can be requested.  Plastic bags known commonly as “chubs” may be used at times for ground meats. USDA Processing must be requested if purchaser plans to re-sale the meat.