SO and her mom at the retail Farm Stand



Freshness is a very essential factor for the flavor, quality and most important the nutrition content of produce.  When you order using our Farm Store on-line service the harvest of the produce you order is not harvested and processed until just a day or so before delivery.  We keep the product in a cooler until you pick it up.  The produce is never sprayed or washed with preservatives or other storage enhancing methods. 




In the garden we do our best to grow Bio-Dynamically, which is like Organic but to a higher standard then the Government Organic Program requires.  We try to be in tune with nature!  Our garden was started about 30 years ago and has grown from a 1/4 acre family plot to the present two - acres.  We use plant diversity, crop rotation, beneficial organisms (bugs and worms), natural fertilizers such as ground alfalfa, kelp (seaweed), bone meal, feather meal, manure, Diatomaceous Earth (ground seashell), compost and other natural produced nutrients and minerals.  No synthetic pesticides, preservatives or fertilizers of any kind are ever used.




Seasonal growing results in different veggies becoming available at different, "In-Season" times of the year.  This is due to the natural growing seasons and ripening or maturing of the plant's normal growing cycle.  We believe by following natures timing we often benefit from improved flavor and nutrition.  You may encounter some veggies you have never used before so be ready for a cooking and dining adventure!  Thankfully nowadays you can just Google any veggie and a wealth of growing and cooking information is readily available.  We extend the growing season using Green and Hoop Houses as well as row covers.  If you enjoy our garden fresh produce and would like to receive regular scheduled deliveries please visit our CSA page to learn more about Memberships.




It is our privilege to supply those in the local Spokane Area.  As we provide healthy and fresh food for you and your family we want you to know you are an essential element which ensures our farm's livelihood and continued existence.  We value the important role you play in supporting our farm.  Thank You!​