• Gary

Yup - Even More Snow!?

Hello Friends,

Sorry for this news letter being late. Satellite has been out of order since first snow last night.

CSA News:

We'll still be making the Delivery this Thursday as usual, weather permitting. This will be the third delivery with snow still on the ground. The CSA contents will be about the same as last couple of weeks, so I'll skip listing them.  Sorry the Veggie List is not so great yet. We do have a good supply of meats in the freezers though. Can you believe next week Spring officially starts. About this time is when farmers around here usually start doing field work and we also start doing outdoor garden work. This Spring we'll have to get by on what we can grow in the Green/Hoop Houses. But first we have to dig more of them out of the snow so we can even get in them! Made another trip for a pick up load of Propane tanks. One more load and the cost will be twice that of last year.

Farming News:

    Every thing still functional here at the farm. SO has been slowed down a little by a bump on the head when she stumbled while helping me sort hogs last week that set off a severe migraine. She is doing better now but still has residuals.

    Had two minor tractor breakdowns. No big deal normally but much harder to deal with during this weather. So much extra tractor work plowing snow that I have used up all the diesel in the farm storage tank.  Have to fuel up out of 5 gal. jugs now.

Always spill some on me and SO hates the smell on me. Our new Pup came in to visit me in the shop and got some on her too. Big Trouble from SO for the Pup and I!

    Had to cancel a delivery of some livestock to the Processor this week because of the weather. Need to do it next week. A few new orders pending. Had to go get more feed for the Pigs and fill a feeder. Big hassle doing feed and hay with all the snow. Feeding the pigs hay as well. A few days ago the Cows must have figured out the Hogs had some feed grain or maybe they tried to make a short cut to the water tank. Anyway, they knocked down some fence and I had to chase them out and put corral panels along the fence they tore up to keep them out. Some of our fences are completely covered by snow and almost all are a couple feet lower with snow build up. Hope it works?! About this time of year the Cattle usually get to go out on the Range land Pastures for a supplement to the hay. Spring pasture is their version of micro greens. Hope that happens soon as I only have enough hay to last till Mid April. An old Rancher once told me to always have one extra years supply of hay on hand around here. Now I know why!

Weather permitting we'll see you Thursday for delivery!

Gary & SO

Snowed in Cattle Pen

Snow covered fence

Packing CSA Produce with our farm Pup keeping them safe.


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