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Snow on the Farm!

Hello Friend's,

    Finally enough snow that it really feels like Winter; 6 inches here last week! A beautiful view in the morning with sunshine that day. Tempted me to do some Winter activities but decided I'm a little old to do them anymore. Satisfied myself with finding all the new born calves and making sure they were doing okay. Found them huddled around the base of the hay bales I put out the day before. Some with only their heads poking out of the hay.  Coming back I actually saw the hogs playing in the fresh snow racing around and sliding into each other.

Common Sense Health and Nutrition:

    Virtually all Nutrition and Health Advocates rate High Fructose Corn Syrup as the most toxic ingredient in modern soft drinks and many other processed foods.  In recent years laws and regulations have been quietly introduced as a result of protests against GMO/GE foods which don't require labeling food that has GMO/GE ingredients. Many consumers have become aware of the potential hazard of this ingredient and have avoided foods that list it. I highly recommend you take the time to read this Post which discloses this deception and the health hazards being hidden from us!

Farm News:

    Cranked up the heaters in the green houses and "SO" started transplanting into them from starts in the Hot House (the warmest smaller green house) . She's spending a few hours everyday doing this. Had to go get another load of propane tanks and set them up even while dealing with the snow. My oldest Grandson helped me defrost and tune up the heaters. He also checked out the Walk-In Freezer that was operating a little strange. My oldest Great Grandson helped clean debris out of some of the hoop houses. 

    Been working on the farm tax return paperwork. Amazing how many receipts and invoices to sort, categorize and add up. It's a lot easier since I shut down the Ag. Contracting business a few years ago. Usually takes me a couple of weeks to do it.

    Had to do another load of hog feed and fed them hay as well. My hogs seem to do quite well without those heated concrete floor pens in a big commercial hog house. I have some sheds for them but with the milder weather this year they just dig a big hole below the frost level and all pile up with each other to stay warm. The smaller ones seem to be more on the bottom where it is the warmest and sometimes get a little squished and scream out for relief. Try to keep the smallest ones in the barn. Have about 12 big enough for processing early this Spring.

    The chickens seem to be going through a stage of low production; only 1-1/2 doz a day from about a hundred layers. Not very profitable. Have about 150 new Pullets who should start laying soon. More Pee Wee eggs soon.

    The cattle are doing fine. Eating more hay when its a wet cold day. Windchill on a cold day is worst when they also get wet. Have about four big enough for processing early this Spring. Only seven calves born so far. Lost one to a mountain lion, I think. Hunters reported them around this year.  Expecting about 15 more calves by early Spring.

    Quite a few maintenance and repair projects I need to be doing. Wish I had one of those big heated shops like the big grain farmers have.

CSA News:

    Only 5 weeks til the first delivery on Thursday, Feb 28th. Half Share Members please let me know what week you prefer; Odd or Even, as usual. Plenty of meat on hand in our walk in freezer. Been maintaining an inventory for all the On-Line Orders we've been getting this Winter. Will be restocking with a mix of about five processed critters next week. Still have plenty of Poultry as well. We'll be increasing our On-Line Produce items soon.  We really appreciate all our CSA Members, past and present!!!

Looking Forward to be Able to See You All Soon!

Gary and So Angell


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