Rocky Ridge Ranch Newsletter - Sept 7

Hello Friends and Members,

    We were so looking forward to an easy harvest for the CSA with the cool weather. Then last night they issue warnings on high winds with possible power outages and a greater chance of fires.  At our place we are also getting many dust devils (like mini tornadoes).  Anything not fastened down is blown all over. Hoping the wind will let up  soon!  What we really need is some rain, at least enough to settle the dust and rinse the pasture grass.

Farm News:

    With the heat and dust SO has switched to cleaning and processing the veggies indoors like she does in winter. We hear a lot of people had trouble growing in their home gardens this year.  So has had to do multiple replantings but thankfully the hoop houses helped.

    Took a load of hogs to the Processor last Wednesday. Asked them to give me priority on my pigs because I'm pretty much out of pork CSA inventory right now.  The ongoing Covid labor restrictions continue to keep just on the edge of running out of inventory because of the processing delays. 

    We'll be moving the cows to the east side of the ranch soon.  A new fence is about finished and they'll have some good pasture on alfalfa regrowth and some nice oat sprouts. Will be tagging and branding soon as well. Also sorting out some for processing soon.  We have beef on hand for CSA inventory but will need more soon. We have also been very blessed by wonderful pasture for the animals this year.

CSA News:

We have a large number of Variety of Meat CSA Member coolers to do every week now.  And even more for the Produce CSA coolers. That's enough to make everything we're raising and growing go pretty fast.

Last week everyone came to pick up their cooler with no extras confused by the change in schedule for our break.  I think this is a first. Thanks everyone! Also, this is the last week we plan to accept any new CSA Members for this year.

Let's take a look at what we plan to bring this this week.

Cooler of the Best Produce:

Micro Green Mix, Lettuce Salad Mix, Kale Chard, Collard Greens, Kohlrabi root, Daikon Greens, Carrots, Beets, Cucumbers, Tomatoes, Squash, Herb-Basil, Sesame Leaves, Fennel, Sweet Corn, Sweet Bell Peppers, Cabbage Head, Salad onions, Leeks and Eggs

Variety of Meats:

Chicken, Ground Beef, Beef Steaks, Pork Chops, Pork Ribs, Sausage, Soup Bones

Looking forward to seeing you all soon,

Gary & So


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