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Rocky Ridge Ranch Newsletter - Sept 27

Hello Members and Friends,

It's been a pretty good week. Had to close out the Misc. Assortments Items because of a lot of sales and I have to be sure I have enough Beef and Pork for the eight remaining CSA deliveries this Fall. Can't get any more Meat Processing scheduled till December. We do still have Poultry and a few Custom Beef and Pork available for the Processing scheduled for December.

Farm News:

Took four Beef to the processor last Tuesday for custom orders. Next week we'll be delivering Hogs for Custom Orders.

Moved the cattle to sort for the processing and loading. Had a new calf just born. That's four so far this Fall.

Got a little rain this week. Thankfully more is forecast soon. Just ordered seed to plat a cover crop over the the nearly 60 acres planted with Alfalfa-Grass last Spring that didn't do well with the heat wave. Not sure what to expect so inter-seeding some Winter Forage Grain as insurance and to suppress weeds. May do the same with the other 120 acres over three fields but will use Forage Oats planted early. Tried to research what the weather should be like next year but it was futile. Convinced no commitment by forecasters out there.

Almost have the engine removed from the "new" 20 year old Case-IH tractor we bought only two years ago. My new part time helpers have been terrific help! Online searching for parts revealed the market value of that model tractor has gone up 35% so I guess it is worth the repair cost. My 1966 and 1972 John Deere tractor's are doing fine and both our lawn tractors are working fine too.

Had to spend a lot on buying hay earlier this Summer so sure hope we have some better weather this coming year. Have enough feed grain in storage for the Hogs this Winter. Cost of both grain and hay had risen over over 25% when I bought but it's much higher now. Many ranchers have sold their older breeding stock at pretty low prices because of lack of feed but younger stock still holding in value so far. Weather is always a major factor in the success of farming and ranching.

CSA News:

This is our 29th delivery this year with only 7 remaining. Good thing we did the early preparations for frost conditions last week. We have seen frost damage here and there around the area. One night next week is forecast for a low of 32. The following week may be even colder at night.

We are very grateful for those who have already signed up for CSA Memberships next year. Your support and investment makes it possible for us to continuing offering our top quality healthy foods to all our loyal customers, especially following a year like this!

Let's review what is planed for this weeks CSA Deliveries.

Cooler of the Best Produce:

Micro Green Mix, Salad Lettuce Greens Mix, Swiss Chard, Collard Greens, Cabbage, Napa Cabbage, Daikon Greens, Squash, Rhubarb, Garlic, Kohlrabi, Garlic Chives, Fennel, Green Beans, Beets, Carrots, Herb-Basil, Corn, Potatoes, Sesame Leaves, maybe Tomatoes, Salad Onions, Cucumbers.

Variety of Meats:

Chicken, two Ground Beef, Steaks, Bacon, two Seasoned Ground Pork Sausage, surprise item.

Note: Lamb will be substituted for some cuts to those who requested it until advised otherwise. Our ground Beef and Italian Sausage blend well for great meatballs with spaghetti sauce.

Looking forward to seeing everyone on Thursday.

Be well!

Gary & So


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