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Rocky Ridge Ranch Newsletter - Nov 9th

Hello Friends and Members,

    This is the 35th delivery of the year. One more to go next week!  We will be bringing our Market Trailer so we'll have room for the Turkeys, Geese and Ducks for Special Orders as well as room for returned coolers. Please be sure to return your coolers. Half Share Members taking last deliveries this coming Thursday will receive some extra Thanksgiving Root Crop Veggies for Produce Members and a Holiday Bird for Variety of Meat Members.  CSA Coolers will need to be left with us, so for meat try to bring your own containers. We will have some Cardboard boxes for Produce Members. We are very happy with all those Members who plan to be with us again next year!

Farm News:

    I sent emails to those who ordered turkeys that it's time to pick them up.  The livestock are doing well but they sure eat a lot more during this colder weather!  Have a few more calves due. Hope they are born on one of the warmer days. Also having trouble getting used to the short days. Hard to get much done. Got all the heaters in the Hoop/Green houses working. Time for another load of Propane soon.

    Taking hogs to the Processor has been delayed. Hope they're all right!  Plan to go visit them soon to check on the reason for the delays. We have enough meat to finish the CSA Program but I am concerned about taking care of some Custom Pork orders soon.

    Mostly just getting used to the colder weather and taking care of winterizing issues.

CSA News:

    As mentioned above we only have two deliveries to finish up the year.  All previous Members who sign up by the end of November will receive the same discounts as in the past.  Those who sign up in the Spring will be on higher prices as a result of the Covid-19 inflation that is already increasing our expenses.  There is also a possibility we may not accept additional new members for the Spring quarter.

   CSA Deliveries - There will be variations in the CSA items these last two weeks due to freezing causing incomplete inventories. But everyone will still get a fair amount. Items delivered will be similar to those in the recent weeks. Remember final Deliveries will be including extra veggies and a holiday bird in lieu of chicken.

Looking forward to seeing you!

Gary & So

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