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Rocky Ridge Ranch Newsletter - Nov 30

Hello Members and Friends,

Glad to announce we have enough Completed and Promised CSA Renewals by the end of November for the CSA Programs to continue next year. Still waiting for the paperwork and payments from some of the promised CSA Renewals. We don't plan to accept any additional Members until later after adjustments are made to account for the new inflationary trends, Covid-19 and the social-political outlook.

In spite of everything from injuries, tractor breakdowns, weird weather, a rush of covid-19 related orders and processing delays, this last season has ended well. A lot of this was because of unexpected help with labor, favorable events with the farm crops and livestock production and improvements in my injury conditions. Always plenty of new chores and projects to keep us busy though. We did manage to take a trip for a short one night stay at the Montana Hot Springs to celebrate the seasons end!

Farm News:

Another baby calf just born this week. She's a baby girl and doing well! Hope the last few waiting to be born will arrive while the weather is still not too cold. The little piggies born early last month are about to go outside soon. Their mom needs a break!

Been taking it a little easy this last week. Just feeding the cows and pigs. Also keeping the heaters going in the primary greenhouses. Soon we'll be cleaning them out and transplanting into them for Spring. March is when we start deliveries again which already seems not that far away.

Turned the cattle out on fall pasture in addition to the hay. With the warm fall and rain there has been some new growth they like looking for.

Next week we'll be busy everyday again. Need to stock up on more hog feed and continue helping with the green houses. Also need to start servicing equipment for Spring.

Future Deliveries:

We plan to start new CSA deliveries the first week of March 2021. We will be growing in the Green/Hoop Houses to grow the early produce. Already have all the Propane heaters working and some Propane stocked up. Sorry we had to give up on eggs in the Produce CSA's. We may have some for retail sales. We were unable to replace the chicken egg layers due to Covid-19 restrictions.

We have very limited inventory on hand for online sales and orders of meat. We do still have some poultry. Winter deliveries are made by special arrangement. We have plenty livestock available for processing but our inventory is depleted due to Covid-19 processing delays. We hope this is corrected by Spring. All deposits and payments will be retained until delivery is scheduled for processing. As is normal in winter we don't expect much processing until late February.

We'll send out an occasional news update during the winter but not weekly as usual. We wish you all the best through the holidays!!

Gary & So Angell


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