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Rocky Ridge Ranch Newsletter - Nov 16

Hello Everyone,

This week is the 36th delivery and the last of the year. Please remember to bring your own container for the Meat deliveries and to return any coolers you may have. A box will be provided for the Produce.

This week we will be delivering the Turkey's and other Holiday Birds. Only two left unsold so I guess there won't be any remaining for Christmas orders. Maybe that's why several orders were for more than one turkey. Still have few more Geese and Ducks.

This is the last month we'll be accepting CSA sign-ups for next Spring and later seasons at the previous costs. The only change is no more eggs with the Produce. Have a lot of CSA signups already. Thank you all!

Farm News:

Starting the week with a load up of six Hogs to take to the Processor for Customer Orders.

Been spending a lot of time removing snow from vehicles and equipment. We get more snow here than in Spokane. Also more snow drifts from the wind. Next week plan to install traction chains on a tractor to get thru the snow when feeding hay to the cattle. Feeding about 5 tons of hay a week. Hoping for a few more days of good weather to mix another load of pig feed.

Thanks to my oldest Grandson a shop heater has been installed! Also, since I'm feeling a lot better now I hope to get some shop work done during the Winter this year.

I'm getting older and slower so I need to be more careful with the remaining loads of hogs and cattle. Be keeping the dog Happy closer , if another rescue is needed.

SO is already working on planting starts in the Hot House for transplanting later into the Greenhouses for Spring. Already hauled two loads of Propane for the heaters as Winter seems at least a month+ earlier than usual this Fall. Cost of Propane almost double what it was last year. Going to have to refill the Diesel Tank as well; holds about 200 gallons.

Hoping we can continue to have livestock processed through the Winter if doesn't get to severe. Also depends on Covid-19 rules, which ruined our Chicken eggs business as well. Hopefully in the Spring we can provide some eggs for ordering.

CSA News:

Produce - Is about the same items as last week with some extra storage Veggies like carrots, potatoes and squash. We'll have it packed in a cardboard box for everyone.

Meats - Holiday Birds will replace the chickens. The Beef and Pork items will vary as I don't have a large quantity of the same items remaining due to processing delays. I'll to my best to give each individual order a good assortment. Since this is the last week we will be collecting coolers so, again, please plan to bring a container for the meat items and return your coolers.

Looking forward to seeing you all,

Gary & So

P.S. Stay well and enjoy Thanksgiving with your family.


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