Rocky Ridge Ranch Newsletter - Aug 9th

Hello Members & Friends,

Well what a nice surprise, we just got enough rain to settle the dust for the first time since early Spring! I estimate we got about 3/8 inch of rain. Guess there's still hope for a little normal weather.

We have decided to plan for doing business for next year, although we do plan to make a few changes as mentioned in the last Newsletter. Mostly it's shortening the season to just 24 weeks of deliveries from May - Oct. I have been surveying many of you for your reaction and was very pleased that most of our Members advised they are supportive of the changes!

Had to get a new SUV for deliveries because our old Suburban has serious problems when temperatures exceed mid 90's. Without notice the engine can completely stall out on us on the highway, which when doing 60 among intolerant traffic can be very dangerous. So what happens next? On the way home a deer jumps from a hillside over the front of the vehicle and smashes the left headlight!

Farm News:

Custom Pork Orders are in process at CNJ Custom Meats, our favored processor! Taking three Beef there tomorrow for Custom Orders also.

Got enough Hay for the Winter season hauled home and since the rain washed the smoke/soot off the grass and straw they are actively grazing again. I am still giving them some alfalfa hay periodically to provide essential protein and vitamins. The recent cool down helps too. Even the Hogs are more active and have abandoned the mud wallow.

CSA News:

For those remaining, now is the time to sign up for the Fall CSA season which begins the last Thursday of August. We plan to do some early Meat processing for 2022 CSA Members this Fall to insure no processing problems next season. This is why early sign ups from Members for next year is informative and helpful.

This weeks CSA offerings:


Micro Green Mix, Lettuce Salad Mix, Swiss Chard, Kale, Collard Greens, Napa Cabbage, Beet Greens, Daikon Greens, Rhubarb, Salad Onions/Leeks, Garlic Chives, Sesame Leaves, Potatoes, Eggs, Herb Rosemary, Squash.

Variety of Meats

Chicken, two Ground Beef, Beef Steak Cutlets, Pork Roast, Bacon, Sausage.

NOTE: Please continue to come as early as possible during the extreme hot weather. Last week we waited in the heat for over an hour for one order no one came for. If you know you'll be late please contact us and we'll wait. Thanks!

See everyone soon.

Be well!

Gary & So


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