Rocky Ridge Ranch Newsletter - Apr 5

Hello Members & Friends,

Not much news this week except orders for CSA Memberships and Farm Store Special Orders are picking up. Weather has been great again too. Hogs and cattle have been enjoying searching for new seedlings to graze on. Cattle also eating twice as much hay every day. They're growing, plus heifers also eat more when feeding new calves.

Farm News:

Still working on fences and equipment. Got the cattle handling pen and supplies ready. Hope to get the cattle processed Tuesday. The hardest part of the work is neutering the bulls. It's can also can be pretty dangerous. We place I.D. tags on all the new calves and replace some on older stock. Older breeding stock are treated for parasites with a pour on product rather than by injection. We do not use any vaccinations. I used to but have found better results relying on natural immunity inheriting.

Had a real ornery horned heifer I was about to get processed but she just had a new calf. A few more about ready to have calves as well. Been getting ready to seed another field of alfalfa grass. Got the seed bed finished earlier. Not long until the weather should be right. It's important to finish before the end of May and then hope there is enough moisture from rain to pack the seed in. Hoping predictions of a dry season not correct. Cost for seed to do 50 acres is about $6,000 based on last years prices. I use a variety intended for safe and enduring grazing. The root crown is sub surface, unlike haying varieties, which keeps grazing from damaging the roots.

CSA News:

Getting closer to outdoor planting. SO has all the Gorilla Tape Hoop and Green Houses fully planted. Keeps bugging me to get the garden cultivated so she can start planting potatoes and other root crops. She planted Sugar Peas yesterday.

Let's take a look at what to expect in CSA Deliveries this week.

Produce CSA:

Micro Green Mix, Salad Lettuce Mix, Salad Onions and Leeks, Daikon Greens, Napa Cabbage Greens, Kale, Swiss Chard, Herb-Rosemary, Carrots, Beets, potatoes, Dry Onion bulb, Squash and Eggs

Variety of Meats CSA:

Chicken, Ground Beef, Steaks, Pork Chops, Bacon, Deli Ham, and Surprise item

Looking forward to seeing you all,

Gary & So


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