Rainbows over Rocky Ridge Ranch

Hello Friends and Members,

The weather has been great with some nice thunderstorms and rain showers which are very help full to the hay fields, pasture and outside garden. We've been enjoying the scenery and rainbows as well from them!

Special Alert! Please return Coolers! Since the last Quarter Session we have been shorted 7 coolers from previous members. In the future we may have to go back to a deposit requirement for use of coolers or require transferring to personal containers as some Members favor already.

Have had several previous customers for Custom Beef, Pork and Lamb advise they have trouble ordering with the new web site. There are several exceptions for Custom Ordering as with signing up for a CSA Membership. Ordering retail selections will remain the same. I will be asking our web master to add a separate section at the Farm Store for custom ordering of Animal Portions that should help.


New Baby calf doing well! All the cattle doing very well now. Just moved them to a new pasture. It's the same one that also grows rocks. The Puppy was actually upset that she didn't get to chase them because they all came running eagerly to the new pasture. Cleaned it up and planted Peas and Triticali forage grain. Little piglets outside now with their momma's. Other pigs actually seem to enjoy the forage of fresh greens on pasture in preference to the feed I did for them last week. Chickens enjoying the fresh pasture too!

Two major new construction jobs of fencing going well and should be completed next week. One is the new fence around the garden and the other is about 1500 feet of a new cross fence to make sure cattle don't invade the Alfalfa Hay fields which can cause harm to them. Of course the fence also protects the hay. Still have a lot of fence repairs going on. Got pretty far behind starting a few years ago when both my knees were badly injured and last year following a back injury accident. Doing much better now but I'm also thankful to some help from neighbors.

Working on the equipment for haying, which usually starts around the first of July. Once again with my older equipment I'm having to have some parts made at a machine/specialty welding shop called Shamrock. They have often been a really great help! Trying to close a deal on another 60 Horse Power Tractor which is only 30 years old; new for me. Even has four wheel drive and a cab with A/C or Heat. I started working on farms doing haying every Summer when I was 10 to 16 years old with four footed power called horses. Also used them to herd cattle. Actually they never got stuck but required a lot more servicing than tractors. I enjoyed them though and have many fond memories. Horses can do things with you like a good dog and provide nice friendship. Many days I spent up to 16 hours in the company of the horses. Guess that's why I still miss them!

"So" is working extra hard to catch up on planting the outside garden with the many extra starts. She used forethought to start in the Hot House for transplanting to try to catch up on the Spring being six weeks late this year.

CSA NEWS: Sorry but a Local CSA can not provide "Out-Of-Season" produce picked green and shipped from all over the world to be treated with preservatives when it is processed and put into nice looking plastic containers to sell at Super Markets. I guess we're old fashioned and out of sync with the modern way of doing things. No pre-cooked and delivered to the front door with processor packaging items available. The only thing we can offer is much natural fresher veggies with higher nutrient levels and no toxic substances added ;0)

Let's see what we plan to bring this week:

Produce/Eggs - Micro Green Mix, Lettuce Salad Mix, Spinach, Green Salad Onions, Leek Greens, Swiss Chard, Kale, Baby Napa Cabbage, Rhubarb, Garlic Chives, Herb-Lemon, Squash from storage, and eggs.

Variety of Meats - Chicken, Ground Beef, Beef Steak Cutlets, Pork Cutlets, Bacon, Ground Pork, Soup item, Sausage.

Looking Forward to seeing You Thursday evening!

Gary and So

Rainbow over Rocky Ridge Ranch


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