Our New Dog Happy Is Wonderful!

Hello Friends,

    Pretty much a routine week doing paperwork, clean up chores and winterizing things.


    Took another Beef and a Hog to the Processor that they let me squeeze in to their tight busy schedule. Plan to do some more the end of this month. Also brought home another load for the freezer inventory for our On-Line Farm Store Orders.  We will continue to deliver Farm Store Orders through the Winter by special arrangement delivery appointments. Also sounds like the Winter is forecast to be mild and dryer than usual so will probably be able to continue taking Custom Orders for Beef, Pork and Lamb. Also have plenty of Poultry on hand in the freezer. Freezer working fine now. It was 20 degrees below zero when I visited it today. Have to wear a Parka when I go in there. Special thanks to my Grand Son for doing emergency repairs. My Great Grand son even helped out with some clean up chores.

    We have been very pleased with our new Stock Dog Puppy we call Happy. She loves to run around the farm checking things out and chasing predators and varmints. When she comes in you can see the excitement and happy smile on her face. She has also helped that dumb absent minded Farmer several times when he forgot to close the gates.  My wife really loves her because of the garden patrols she does helping her out a lot. She even digs up gopher holes and catches mice.  The In-Law Hunters this season were a little disappointed because she seems to have chased off all the Deer from nearby so they actually had to go out further to really hunt for game.

    Still picking up rocks on the new 40 acre field whenever I get a chance. Have closed up on the House Improvement work until next year but hope I can manage to do some work on my garage/shop to winterize it so I can do some repairs during the Winter. I'll have about 160 acres to do field work on for Hay and pasture next year so I need to get things ready early to have enough time.  Also hope to find enough time to do some fence repair work.

    SO is already busy planting veggie starts in the Hot House for next March. She also is planning to continue growing Micro Greens and is adding a few new varieties such as; Wheat Grass, Pea Shoots, Beet Greens, Chard and Kale and Baby Lettuce.and possibly Sunflower Greens. These items will appear on the Produce section of the Farm Store soon. They'll also increase the greens offerings in the early Spring of the CSA Program.

    In spite of all these chores and projects, I have promised to take SO to visit the Hot Springs in Montana right after our last CSA delivery on November 16th.


    This is the 34th Delivery this year; 10th this Quarter. During the next two weeks we will be delivering Turkeys or other Holiday choices if you request a substitute. Larger size Beef (Rib or Loin), Pork Shoulder or Ham) and Leg of Lamb Roasts are available if requested. Also you can try a couple Ducks or a Goose if your tired of Turkey.

    Hope to receive Membership Renewals Notices and Payments from Members during these last weeks deliveries . We need these in advance to plan for next years growing. We have already spent several thousand dollars on seeds, greenhouse potting mixes and fertilizers as well as Propane for heat to grow for the Winter to be ready for March when we start again.

    Let's take a look at what to expect in deliveries this week:

Produce/Eggs - Micro Green Greens Mix, Lettuce Salad Mix, Chard, Kale, Napa Cabbage, Collard Greens, Daikon Greens w/Radish, Beets w/greens, Leeks, Salad Onions, Bulb Onion, Carrots, Broccoli, Tomatoes, Potatoes, Herb-Parsley, Winter Squash, and eggs.

Variety of Meats - Chicken, 2 Ground Beef, 2 Ground Pork Sausage, Beef Steak Cutlets, Pork Roast, Country Style Pork Ribs, Bacon.

Looking Forward to seeing you all soon!



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