Our Final Program Delivery of 2019!

Hello Friends and Members,

Made a little side trip during the week for our youngest grandson's first birthday. Got to visit a lot of family members too. All went well till SO woke up with upset stomach and pain, apparently from some bad restaurant seafood. Had to rush her home. She's beginning to recover now.

Farm News:

    A couple more baby calves born. This is one of our favorite times of the year, especially when the weather lets things all go well. 

Most beef cow calving is done outdoors.  We try to provide some portable shelters for the new calves but you have to be careful not to disturb the bonding between mother and baby. Most newborn calves can handle a lot of adverse weather as long as they are nursing on that nice warm milk. Confinement calving often causes diseases from residual organisms in the buildings.  A baby calf will not survive at all without an early nursing of first milk called colostrum which transfers antibodies and an energy boost. It is vital the calf can get up and nurse the first few hours.  A new calf doesn't finish developing it's immune system until about 4 months of age. During severe weather we can help that happen. But it's best to not interfere unless absolutely needed because, again, we don't want to disrupt the bonding and nursing.  If you remove a baby calf and take it for a warm up its usually necessary to pen up the mother as well so the calf can nurse.  A pretty touchy last resort thing as most beef cows/heifers are not very tame. It can be difficult work but its so rewarding helping these little guys get a good start in life.

        Rebuilding the Berkshire Pork Herd with three new mom's called Gilts and two young moms called Sows who have farrowed one litter of babies before. We'll be settling them in next week. Also have some hogs at the Processor this week. Will also be doing another ton of chicken feed this week as well as another load of Propane bottles for the Hoop/Green Houses.

    Next week we'll be taking some beef to the processor the day after Thanksgiving.  The weather has been very beneficial to finishing cattle this Fall with all the rain causing good late summer pasture.  We have also begun to back it up now with some of the real good Alfalfa Hay we harvested this year. This is happening following grazing fresh Alfalfa-Grass and Triticali - Peas regrowth.  CSA Member's funds who signed up early last year made the planting of these fields last Fall possible.

    Still trying to get more building repairs and winterizing work done when time permits. Also after this week we'll be cleaning out the Hoop/Green Houses to start getting things ready for planting the crops next Spring.

CSA News:

    This is the last delivery this year, the 36th week!  This is about the 15th year of our CSA Program.  About 10 years earlier we started direct sales via the Farmers Markets and Custom Livestock Sales.  We bought the farm in 1983 and did grain farming for a few years before switching over to Livestock.  SO started a big Garlic and Asian Greens garden along with our own veggies which transitioned to our Market Garden of today.  We also operated an Agricultural Services Contracting Business till a few years ago. After doing that for 30 years, and aging a tad, we decided to do a bit less. This gives us time to do more at the farm

    Hope SO feels well enough to handle the harvest and packing this week.  I'll help but I'm not the busy bee worker type like her. Plus I have to deal with another round of Turkeys!  A mistake caused us to be short a couple coolers of Veggies last week and a few Special Order Customers and CSA Members didn't show up. We plan to make up for the shortages the best we can and will be bringing more items this week.

   URGENT!!! Please take note - Several more Members signed up and several others said they would be making arrangements soon. This is encouraging and helpful for us.  NEXT YEAR PRICES MAY BE INCREASING TO KEEP PACE WITH OUR COST INCREASES. We favor our past/current customers so anyone who signs up early this Fall, even if they specify a payment date sometime before Spring, will avoid any price increases. 

Let's see what is planed for the last delivery:


Micro Greens, Kale Chard, Collard Greens, Leeks, Celery, Napa Cabbage, Daikon Radish Greens, Celery, Napa Cabbage, Dry Onion, Squash, Beets, Potatoes, Carrots, Herb-Sage and eggs. Also a Bountiful Basket of Storage Veggies for those who didn't get one last week.

Variety of Meats:

Chicken or Holiday Meat Item, 2 Ground Beef, Beef Steaks, German Sausage, Pork Chops, Bacon, Country Ribs, Pepperoni.

Special Orders:

The last of the Turkeys will be delivered this week along with other orders. Special Orders will still be accepted for meat products during the Winter months but delivery will be by special arrangement only.  Custom Livestock Portions can also be ordered for Spring delivery or later.  Again, prices are expected to increase next year so ordering now will save you money even if delivery is later. Micro Greens and Spring Greens Mix will also be available if ordered in advance. Lastly, eggs and poultry will be available if ordered in advance.

Looking forward to our final visit this Thursday! 

Gary and SO

PS. We will continue with occasional Newsletters thru the Winter.


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