Our Bull is the Best!

Hello Friends,

    Just found out we have a new Grandson due for delivery On or about  Nov. 16th. so right after the last delivery we will be heading over there to meet the new guy named Yougene. No hot spring visit this year.

Farm News:

    So windy and rainy this last week all my cows disappeared and didn't eat all the hay I put out for them. Got me worried at first. Found them all hunkered down in a low spot between some rock formation with timber all around them. They'll do that to avoid the wind chill factor which is even worse when their soaking wet. I was very relieved until later the next day when they still didn't show up even when all was a nice calm sunny day. Found them still in the woods but they were busy grazing seedling Downy Brome Grass. Also known as "Cheat Grass', you know the one that releases little needle like stickers in to your socks if you walk on undeveloped grasslands. Well it's also one of the first and last grass varieties to grow Spring and Fall and the cows know those little grass shoots are sweet and high protein. Kind of like micro greens. They'll grow almost anywhere so it wound up being good news and is saving me some hay for awhile. Still cant figure out how they eat those little grass sprouts with that big long tongue. Unlike most other animals cattle have no upper front teeth. Can't eat the grass as short as sheep or horses. This also help them not to bite you very well!

    Baby chicks still doing fine. Pigs are out playing the game of turn over all the rocks to find goodies to eat like worms, bugs and blue-tail lizards. This was also brought on by the recent rainy weather. They do it every year. Rock Chucks also known as Marmots started appearing again too. They get as big as a Porcupine but are vegetarians and out in force now. Don't know where they were during the dry months.  Started servicing and firing up the Propane heaters for the green houses today. Forecast says below freezing for the rest of the year every night out here.

    Mentioned the American Kobe Beef (at least 50% Wagyu crossed with Angus.) Angus are excellent for grass fed beef. Wagyu are famous for a fine marbling unless overfed in feed lots. It is also an Omega 3 fat rather than Omega 6 as is the case with feed lot beef. So I decided a few years back to try to cross breed them. I traded six butcher ready Berkshire hogs for a baby Wagyu bull calf that even has registration papers documenting he is 100% Tajima, Wagyu beef. When grown they are very expensive. You'll find some photos of him on the web site Blog. He has never threatened me with his horns. What a great animal.

    No Special Orders this week. Guess everyone is chowing down on Halloween snacks. Probably not very healthy!


    This is the 35th CSA Delivery for the year. The 11th this Quarter Season. Only one more left till next year. I'll be bringing Turkey's and other Holiday family style Meat Cut items for Variety of Meats CSA Members and others who have placed Special Orders. We'll also be bringing an extra Holiday Box of Produce items for Produce CSA Members; mostly storage veggies like potatoes, carrots, squash, etc. We'll use the Market Trailer to have room for everything and keep the meat frozen. We'll bring them for the last delivery for each member.

    Still anxiously waiting for some of you to let us know your CSA Plans for the next season. Of coarse advance payments are very appreciated and needed for us to continue. Other arrangements can be made as well as long as we have an advance notice.

Let's take a look at this weeks delivery items to expect:

Produce - Micro Green Mix, Small Napa Cabbage, Lettuce Salad Mix, Kohlrabi bulbs, Bell Peppers, Tomatoes, Broccoli, Potatoes, Carrots, Beets, Chard, Kale, Daikon Radish, Herb-Thyme, Salad Onions, Leeks, Winter Squash, Bulb Onion, Baby Celery and eggs.

Variety of Meats - Chicken or Turkey, Ground Beef, two Seasoned Ground Pork, Steak Cutlets, Pork Chops, Pork Roast, Smoked Sausage and Pepperoni and jerky treats.

Special Notes: Last week I mistakenly put some Bacon from 2016 that I thought was 2018 in the CSA delivery. It is not spoiled but has a salty oily taste. I should have looked more carefully with a magnifying glass to tell it was a 6 and not an 8 on the package. I'll bring along some extra bacon for you all this week and next for the Half Shares.

See You all soon!

Big round bales 1000 lb.'s each. Petting Curly. Bull looking on behind and above the bale.

Gary and So


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