New Beginnings

Hello Friends and Members,

Seems like it's been raining here as much as on the West coast.  The soil profile is full with moisture, which will be great for Spring field crops. Just had the local heavy windstorm here. It caused a lot of damage to our hoop and greenhouse covers. Tree limbs and other debris everywhere. The wind did help dry out our roads and mud holes though. Finally got thru the six week flu that started right after visiting a Chinese buffet restaurant in Seattle in December. Worst I have ever experienced. Kind of wonder if it was an early version of that Corona Virus? We may not still be here if it wasn't for the good VA medical care.

FARM and CSA News:

Been busy with Winter chores. Restocked the meat inventory (except Lamb) for the online and CSA Orders. Besides daily chores have also been busy with tax paperwork and equipment repairs. Had several challenges develop in the water system but not too bad this year.  Besides the 20 year old new tractor purchased last Summer we also installed a heater in the shop and the Red Barn. And finished the shop rolling doors project from last Fall. Now it's a little easier to get repair work done.

Two new baby calves born this past week. I think that's 15 since last Fall.  Had a new litter of baby pigs born yesterday. When the snow melts there is still nice green grass growing in the pastures causing the stock animals to ignore the hay.  Never had that happen before.

SO has cleaned out all the greenhouses and thinned or replanted all the bi-annual plants and transplanted others.  She says for the first Veggie CSA deliveries she will have Micro greens, Spring Lettuce, Daikon Radish w/Greens and Napa Cabbages, Spinach, Chard, Kale, Green Onions, Leeks, Garlic Chives, several fresh Herbs and the following Winter Storage Veggies: Potatoes, Carrots, Beets, and Squash and fresh Eggs.

To grow things this early it requires Propane heaters and grow lights for the Greenhouses at an energy cost of about $350/week from Jan. through Apr. Poultry production for eggs requires substantial energy costs as well. She continues to plant in flats to grow starts in the Hot House for transplanting. Some of these are planted in additional Hoop Houses for early Spring.  We'll need more Spring CSA Members to justify this expense in the future. 

Already received several Custom Orders of Beef and Pork for this Spring.  Advise ordering soon for Spring availability. More will be available during the Summer and a few in the Fall. Will have Lamb again later this Spring.  Also except for December-January, when inventory was low, there's been a steady amount of Select-a-Cut sales already this week. 

About 12 CSA Memberships have not been renewed yet. These are from valued Members from last year that advised they would be returning this Spring.  Hope you all read this and let me know your plans. I'm waiting before I place the garden seed orders for Summer and Fall as well as scheduling Meat processing for those seasons. Feel free to contact us anytime!  Will send another Newsletter later this month before the first regular scheduled delivery.

Take care,

Gary & So Angell


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