My Heroes!

Hello Friends,

The weather is still giving us trouble. The intense rain and colder temp.'s have made everything muddy again and the pasture grass growth has slowed to near nothing. Can you believe it will be below freezing here the next three nights?  Had to cover up a lot of veggies and turn the heat back on.


    Told the story last week about the cattle escaping several times and the troubles rounding them up.  This last time they went clear into a deep canyon over the steep bluff on the West Side of our place dropping about a thousand feet down over the bluff.  With out my two Hero's, SO my wife and Happy our dog, the round up would have been impossible. Also SO's pet cow Curly responded calling the rest of the cattle to follow her! Without the catching, rounding up and driving the cattle back home being successful it would have been a tragic and costly event.  I am so pleased to have them with me. Needless to say the tiring hard work and diligence of my wife has endured for many years since the beginning of this farm operation. Her hard work and support over all these years has established a deep feeling of gratitude, appreciation and love that is truly hard to describe! 

    Got the cattle moved back into our most inner pasture near the house. Went out to feed the last of the hay and on the last trip a muck hole sucked up the front tires of my tractor up to the frame of the front axle. Took most of the day to get it dug out. Recently had to go get a load of hay for them this week. Nearest place I could locate any hay was South of Cheney and it was pretty weathered hay but the cows seem to like it.

    Two new really cute little baby calves born this last week in spite of all the troubles. The calves arriving are always an event that picks up your spirits even when other things are going wrong!

    The new pullets have picked up a lot on their egg laying. Many of the eggs are now normal size. We plan to bring extra eggs with our deliveries on Thursday from now on if anyone needs some.

    Let the cattle join the hogs on their pasture for awhile till I got some more hay. Strangely my old boar seems to enjoy their company. I don't know why but the pasture is staying nice and clean.

    Need to do a lot of fence work but the land is still too muddy for me to drive on. Rounded up all the supplies and tools in one truck to do the work. Cranked up the other tractor with the 3-point backhoe mounted and its ready to go for the digging post holes in the rocky spots. I plan to put up an electric fence around the garden area while I wait for the pastures to dry out.  Hope Happy doesn't get zapped when chasing the deer away from the garden!

    Between rain storms SO has been transplanting some veggies into the garden outside. She keeps prodding me to plow up a Potato patch but its still too muddy. We bought the seed potatoes last week. She has also planted more Asparagus with the others we planted last year.  Also the Spinach planted last year is emerging nicely. She has cleaned out and prepared all the other green/hoop houses and is transplanting started plants into them as well. Cleaned up the strawberry patch but the raspberries still need work. Have some snow drift damage to the hoop houses to repair as well.


    Two new Members signed up! Had to explain the Veggies are not quite as good as usual because of the late Spring weather but they were understanding and didn't seem concerned. Things will get much better soon.  Still everyone seems happy with the truly fresh greens we are able to provide.

    Well Let's take a look at what we plan to bring next Thursday.

Produce/Eggs - Micro Greens Mix, Lettuce salad mix, Herb - Lemon, Green salad onions, Garlic chives, Leeks, Chard, Kale, Dry Onion, Potatoes, Squash, Carrots, Beets and Eggs

Variety of Meats - Chicken, Ground Beef, Beef Steak Cutlets, Beef Short Ribs, Beef Stew Meat, Ham/Pork or Lamb Roasts (Let me know for Easter), Soup Item, Large Pork Links,

Be sure to take a look at our Farm Store Specials for some meat bargains!  Our Newsletter is now going out to around 350 followers, and we're sending it earlier so people have more time to place Special Orders for the Thursday Deliveries.

Looking Forward to Seeing You All!

Gary and So Angell


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