Merry Christmas & Happy New Year!

Hello Friends of Rocky Ridge Ranch,


Thanks to your support of our Farm we ended the year in in pretty good shape! Good enough to continue farming another year. Pretty sure most of you have figured out we don't do farming to get rich or even to provide our financial support. But we surely do need your support to continue with the farming and it is our pleasure to do so! We believe that the farming work keeps us healthy and believe the products of the farm help to keep you all healthier as well! Both my wife "SO" and I spent our the early years of our lives living and working on a farm. In those days it wasn't considered "Child Abuse" to have children help do the farm work and start learning vocational skills. We both have our fondest memories from those years and the memories still motivates us to continue farming. Our only regret is that our other family members never shared our feelings about the farm life. We plan to continue as long as we can anyway!

Since some of our very valued CSA Members decided not to continue in the CSA Program we are hoping for enough new Members this Spring to keep the Program viable into the future. "SO" is already busy planting veggie starts in the Hot House and has all the shelves nearly full with plant to transplant to the Hoop Houses early next year usually starting in early February. Since we produced a surplus of many items this year, with the lower levels of sales, we were able to provide more to charities this year than in the past. Your support is part of those donations. Thank You!


We have most of the meat we need for the CSA Program already in storage in the Walk - In Freezer. That includes Poultry, (no turkeys left) Beef, Pork, and Lamb. Have several extra complete-processed hogs on hand for sale as well as several large family size Roasts of Ham, Pork, Beef and Lamb, as well as some Geese for Holiday sales. Been experimenting with an On-Line Store recently. Have been surprised with the sales from this effort so far. Planning a revamp and Update of the Web-Site and On-Line Store this Winter. Shopping online seems to be the trend these days. We are still doing Special Orders every Thursday into Spokane when requested. Got our Christmas shopping done at the same time.

The Cold Waves again this Winter have been causing us some problems but so far we have overcome them. Mainly by increasing the feed and Hay consumption early this Winter following the Heat Wave this Summer that required supplemental feeding. Good thing we had a good Hay Harvest last Spring but I may still have to purchase more hay if it stays real cold. Worried about calves being born during this cold. One was born okay yesterday but I worried about it all night. The Mother Cow is doing it's best! To survive it is essential the calf nurses the first few hours. If that happens we can adopt the calve if necessary but leaving it with a good Mother Cow is best. All the late born Piglets doing well. We are keeping them in the barn separately for the worst of the Winter. They seem to delight in digging holes in the barn floor since they can't do it outside where all the dirt is frozen. "SO" is taking care of about a 150 baby Pullet chicks in our brooder shed. So far only had a few losses.These will be our Spring layers of those Pee Wee Eggs. The older Hens are still doing well and producing a surplus of eggs.

NEWS FLASH! "SO" just came in from taking care of the baby chicks and decided to check out the baby calf born in the cold yesterday. It was on it's feet beside it's Mother apparently doing well so far. It was down to 5 degrees here last night. I did pile a whole bale of straw around the calf last night.

I'll sign off now with that good news!

Wishing You All a Happy New Year as well !!!!

Gary & So Angel


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