Merry Christmas & Happy Holidays

Hello Everyone,

We wish you all a Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!! We miss seeing you and pray everyone stays well and has a healthy New Year!! Thankfully so far no one we know has had any personal experience with the Covid-19 virus, though many have suffered other hardships related to the quarantines.

So far we've been very busy but staying healthy and positive. Still manage to see family and some church members even with all the restrictions. Some of you may know we suffered from a severe Flu last December that was life threatening for several weeks. So we're grateful this year is much more pleasant.

Farm News:

We have managed to assemble enough livestock in addition to our normal breeding stock for next year. The trouble is they eat a lot. Even more as they have been growing. May need to start rationing their feed a little. Started having them graze on dry stubble in fields from regrowth late in the Fall. We have about 50 cattle including calves and 40 hogs from 2 months old up to various ages and the several breeding stock. Just had to mix up another 9,000 lbs of feed grain for the hogs to supplement the pasture they also happily consume a lot of.

We are taking orders for Custom Livestock Portions for next Spring/Summer. Hoping processing back to normal by then. Many disruptions were caused by Covid-19 restrictions and processing plant closures. It was a struggle last year but our Processor CNJ Custom Meats worked harder than normal to keep taking care of our needs in the most professional means possible! We have also had some beef recently done for next Spring inventory.

Our heated Green Houses are all re-planted with greens for next Spring. Been using about 250 gallons of Propane a week to make that possible. So far the cold has been more mild than usual, with more welcome sunshine coming. At times we also use electric heaters and growing lights.

Managed to get two of the farm tractors operating again. Still one more to do major repairs on, hopefully by Spring if funds available. Got the basic tillage work done just in time to be ready for planting more alfalfa grass on 50 acres in early Spring. Thanks to my grandson I have, for the first time, a wonderfully heated shop this Winter!

CSA News:

Produce - As mentioned above, Fall cleanup is finished and winter planting and growing are in progress. Note that we only have a few CSA Produce Membership shares available left to order for Spring.

Variety of Meats - Poultry, Beef, Pork and some Lamb are all stocked up for CSA Members and will not be sold to other buyers unless a surplus develops this coming spring. Only a few Meat CSA shares are still available for Spring. This is because of processing shortfalls from the last season due to Covid19. If, and only if, processing schedules somehow return to normal we may accept new Meat CSA Members for Summer.

We want to earnestly thank all of our long time and loyal Members and friends for your partnership in our business this last year, and wish everyone a very Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays and wonderful New Year!

Gary & So

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