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It's Snomageddon!

Updated: Feb 27, 2019

Hello Friends!

    This News Letter is to notify everyone that we will start making deliveries for the CSA Program and On-Line Orders this Thursday, 3 - 6 PM this week.  Have to say this will be the first time we've ever started out with snow on the ground and a forecast for even more!



    Because of the Green Houses we have been able to grow some new greens to go with the storage veggies and eggs. Growth rates have been slowed by the record cold weather so not as much production as usual. Anyway, where else can a person find truly local organic fresh greens this time of year? I have seen the micro greens selling in grocery stores for as much as $2/oz.


    SO still staying busy starting plants and growing in the green houses. We have to carefully monitor the heat as a heat failure for a few hours could destroy all her work! We heat with Propane and grow lights. The energy bill has been pretty high this year. We usually are transplanting into unheated hoop houses by this time but it isn't possible this year with the record cold in February. We've had cold weather and lots of snow many times before but not this late in the season.

    So far we have had eight baby calves born who are doing well in spite of the cold.  Seems we've been lucky with the cows choosing the warmer times to give birth. Hope it continues for the future calves due soon. I'm feeding the cattle back in the woods out of the icy winds which means I have to plow snow often for quite a distance to reach them. Ranches in Washington and other areas have had severe losses with the Polar Vortex weather. Also hay prices have nearly doubled since last Fall. I'm feeding more during this cold; about 1 ton a day, which is twice the normal amount.

    Had to allow all the hogs into the barn for a little warmer hang out. Have a heater in the water box where the flow of water to them and the barn is controlled. They keep trying to dig a hole next to it. Good thing last year we rebuilt it with concrete at the bottom. Hope the don't tear it apart as has happened before. We have about 10 smaller pigs kept warm in a separate pen. Using 3,000 watts right now to keep the barn warm and the water flowing in it.

    The layer chickens are hanging in there. One night when it was so cold their water froze which after thawing revealed new leaks to fix. The new Pullets should have started laying a few Pee Wee eggs by now but I guess they are waiting for it to warm up. The heat for the Chicken Huts uses about 1500 watts when it stays on like now. Have thermostats but everything stays on 24 hours a day with this cold.

    Spend most of my spare time plowing and shoveling snow. Have piles about 8-10 foot high around service area for the shop, greenhouses and barn. We are so glad not to have had any major problems in spite of the severe cold! Let's hope it ends soon!


    Sent out a link about the USDA allowing "Pink Slime" to be sold called ground beef. Even saw some for sell at a store recently. Watch out if you see ground beef for a super low price. I'm sure it is also used by a lot of fast food places. It is made from the spillage and scraps on appliances, equipment and the floor following normal meat processing. Can't believe our government health officials allow this!

    Maybe that's why an announcement this morning rated the U.S. as 32nd place for health of it's population. Healthiest were Spain  1st, Italy 2nd and Iceland 3rd. Beware of processed food. It's how poor quality and waste products can be disguised to look good by adding lots of sweeteners like high fructose GMO corn syrup, salt, color dyes, artificial flavors, preservatives, and other ingredients to disguise what your actually being told is good to eat!

Buying fresh and local is best!

Looking forward to seeing you all soon!

Gary & So Angell

The hoop houses are completely snowed in!

Thank goodness for Propane heat in the hoop houses!

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