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Updated: Nov 15, 2019

Hello Friends and Members,

Veterans Day has been another working day for us but Saturday we took some time off and saw the new Midway movie. I lost an uncle during that battle.  Fifty years since my service in Vietnam and 40 years since I retired form the military. Started as a Private, 16 years old and finished as a Major, 37 years old with 20 years service.  Served in four Combat Divisions; the last being the 82nd Airborne in Vietnam. Was a Company Commander for 4 years including Vietnam. The rest of my career was mostly as an Instructor and High Level Staff Officer. Was called back to service during the beginning of the Gulf War but was released before I got started.  I earned several rows of Citations and Decorations, mostly from the Vietnam Service.  I chose to serve till retirement so with the pension I could afford to be a farmer.  Been farming now longer than service in the Military.  At retirement I still receive public scorn for being a Veteran by the peace movements.  Now I'm being scorned for raising cattle that allegedly cause air pollution, etc.  Can't win in this crazy world it seems.


    Finishing up with the completion of construction on the Big Red Barn here. Been working on it part time for a long 20 years. Inside is where we store the meat and poultry, including the Turkeys we'll  be delivering the next two weeks.

    Fed the cattle enough hay for a week and opened the gates to a new area and they just passed it all by and headed out to continue grazing.  Good for us financially. Pasture costs less than hay.  This is possible because of the high rains earlier this Fall. 

    Plan to grind and mix a good supply of hog feed tomorrow, about 10,000 lbs. Hauled it home today.  Took all day because of three flat tires. Can you believe it!?

    Layer chickens still doing okay but down to only about 4-5 doz. a day, which is not uncommon for this time of year. 

Cold again for the produce, even in the Green Houses so we've been keeping lights on along with the propane heaters.


    This is the 35th delivery of this years three 12 week sessions. Next week will be the last. Some Half Share Members who come every other week will get their final delivery this week.  They will receive a Bountiful Harvest Basket of Storage Veggies this week for Produce Members.  Also Variety of Meats Members will get a holiday meat item such as a Turkey or other requested meat item. It gets a little confusing figuring this all out so please pardon me if I mess up. I'll do my best to fix any issues! 

    We need to know your plans for CSA renewal and Fall advance payments to make it possible for us to do the Winter planting and stock growing for a good supply early next Spring.

     Let's take a look at what we plan for the deliveries this week.


Micro Greens Mix, Dry Onion, Squash, Fresh Leeks, Daikon Greens with radish, Green Cabbage, Napa Cabbage, Chard, Celery, Kale, Carrots, Beets, Potatoes, Herb-Rosemary, Eggs and Gift Basket for Half Share Members

Variety of Meats:

Turkey or Special Chosen Meat item, two Ground Beef, Beef Steaks, Beef Jerky or Pepperoni, Plain Ground Pork, Pork Chops, Ham Steak, Bacon.

Special Orders:

Those who ordered/requested Turkey's for this Thursday, Nov 14th, will receive them this week.  A few more are still available for this week or next week. Other Special Orders can also be requested.

Veterans Specials:

Military Veterans receive double the amount of all discounts offered for

Selected Cuts and for CSA Programs one free share each season.  Livestock Custom Portions will be rebated the standard processing cost. These discounts will also be applied to surviving spouses. All purchases can be delivered locally to physically disabled Veterans.

    Several Pigs and two Beef will be processed late this month for delivery early December. By arrangement, Special Orders can be placed during the Winter months for Spring Custom Livestock and Special Order Deliveries. With the last processing scheduled this Fall we should have a good inventory on hand.

See You Soon!

Gary and So


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