Here Comes the Smoke

Hello Friends and Members,

    Well another heat wave coming with plenty of smoke this time. We have to do most of the work very early in the day to deal with it.


    Moved the cattle last evening into a pasture area with woods so they can be in the shade when the temp gets really up. They weren't too eager to leave the pasture they were in with the alfalfa regrowth. My neighbor just harvested their grain field next to me so I don't have to worry about them jumping the fence now.  Have to check the water frequently as during this kind of heat they often gang up on the water tank and manage to knock the water hose to the float off the tank or other damage. Salt is very important now as well.

    Hogs spend most of their day in a hog wallow, which is a pond they make into a mud hole to help stay cool. Without the mud wallow or shade they can be stressed with being too hot or get a sun burn. Poultry spend most of the time in the shade as well and egg production drops.

    Have to load and haul three beef to the processor this evening after it cools off a little. All the work in the garden is in the morning starting around 5 am. Watering is critical.


    This is the 22nd Delivery of the 36 scheduled this year. Two more weekly deliveries till time to renew for the Fall Quarter Season. We will take the usual break for a week, the last week of August, which happens to be "SO's Birthday week as well.

    Well let's take a look at the planned deliveries this week:

Produce/Eggs - Micro Greens Mix, Salad Lettuce Mix, Kale, Chard, Collard Greens, Sesame Leaves, Napa Cabbage, Daikon Radish Greens, Cucumbers, Herb-Parsley, Summer Squash, Rhubarb, Garlic Chives, Salad Onions and Leeks, Early Potatoes and Tomatoes, Strawberries, and Eggs.

Variety of Meats - Chicken, Beef Steak, Beef Cutlets, Beef Soup/Stir Fry item, Pork Chops, Bacon,  Ground Pork Sausage

    Note - Please let me know if anyone would like Lamb or other items. I will be short on ground beef and some other items for a few weeks due to a freezer failure. Hogs are already at the processor since last week to replace pork items and beef on the way this Monday.  Other items still okay in other freezers. My main freezer failed for a while the first 90+ degree day this weekend but my Grandson was on it right a way. Sure glad I have a HVAC technician in the family!

Special Orders: We only have a few Hogs and Beef available for wholesale custom order processing with delivery this Fall. Time to order is now so I can pre-schedule the processing as the Fall season is the busiest time for processors.

See You All Soon!

Gary and So


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