Happy Thanksgiving!

Hello Folks,

Wishing you all a Happy Thanksgiving Holiday Next week! Have to say we are looking forward to it after our last, the 36th, CSA Delivery and Farm Stand Market's this Thursday for the year.



We are still waiting for notice by many CSA Members for their CSA Program renewal and payment plans but so far things have been pretty encouraging especially from many long time Members who are the backbone of support that makes continuing the CSA Program possible. Next year will be our Tenth year operating the CSA Program.

We started selling direct at Farmer's Markets over 20 years ago. Bought the farm in 1983. Started growing livestock, mostly cattle about 1987. Had a garden from the first year that was about 20 x 50 ft to about 2 acres now. The first commercial growing was Gourmet Table Garlic that was unique because my Mother-In- Law smuggled in some Korean Garlic Seed. It was very profitable until CostCo started importing similar garlic from China which destroyed the unique niche market we had. After that "SO" decided she wanted to keep gardening and started planting garden crops for market. Sales were very good at the Farmer's Markets until the Recession in 2007 when sales plummeted. Starting the CSA Program was our salvation and continues to keep us going! Our CSA Program has always been farm direct and remains about the same while we see many other versions of Fake CSA's being operated by various large organization trying to capitalize on the great concept much like has happened with the Nationalization of the Organic Growing movement.

Well, better let you all know what to expect this last week:

Produce / Eggs - Micro Greens, Salad Green Mix, Swiss Chard, Tomatoes, Daikon Radish w/greens, Herb - Thyme, Green Salad Onions, Dry Onion, Dry Garlic, Squash, Beets, Carrots, Potatoes, Cabbage, Eggs and a Harvest Box of extra storage veggies we hope you can use for Thanksgiving.

Variety of Meats - Two Ground Beef, Beef Steak Cutlets, Beef Roast, Pork Chops, Bacon, Surprise item.and a Holiday Meat item of Turkey, Large Ham or Pork Roast.

Note: Some of you may have received Jowl Bacon . This bacon is mostly used as a seasoning for other dishes and is highly valued for its flavor.


Had another baby calf born yesterday to a Heifer only a little over a year old. It is pretty small but today it seemed to be doing fine. Really cute little girl. Expect several more soon. Hope they all get done before the weather gets frigid again.

Fed the cows and hogs about 5 tons of hay today. Hogs fed hay because I'm out of feed and learned last Winter they will do just fine on high quality hay. May not grow as fast but stay healthy. Have thirty piglets to process the end of this week and wean off the Mothers. Continuing the repairs to the Barn to provide them good shelter till they get older or fatter. When you look at a pig with the short bristles that pass as hair you often feel they are freezing cold but they are not . They have a layer of fat that keeps them warm. When its coldest they like to pile up in a pyramid together to stay warm in a shelter if available. Smaller pigs often get squashed under the others so we try to keep them separate for safety.

Baby chicks for Layers arrived last Thursday and are doing pretty well. These will be the Layers next Spring. Only ordered half as many since the demand for local farm eggs has taken a downturn. We're going to stay less than 200 layers when a couple years ago we had 800. "SO" loves all small animals and is often a Nurse Maid to them. She even plays with them when they are little chicks. This often results in the Layers being as tame as a Pet. Besides the Layers we have a pet Cow, Boar and a Sow around here. Every time you come around them they want your attention and hopefully a snack but they'll settle for an ear scratch or a little petting. My Boar loves for me to scratch his back while he does all kinds of body contortions which are really amazing. He could be a Champion Yoga Pig. Used to have another pet Boar who loved to do a Twist Dance when scratched.

It's nice to have a few distractions. I used to spend a lot of time with horses and often miss that. We have a few horses who are friendly but there kept just for old times sake. I really miss the days of playing Cowboy as a real job riding the range checking on the cattle and riding fence to repair holes in it here and there. At times I even had time to trail ride high into the Cascade and Rocky Mountains for adventure. At those times when your with the horse most of the time everyday a real bond develops that is really a special experience you don't find with a 4 wheeler ATV or a pick up truck.

Well better sign off. Looking Forward to Seeing You Tomorrow!

Gary and So


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