Happy Holidays!

Hello Friends!

     Sure you have all been busy with holiday activities but wanted to let you all know that life goes on here at the farm. Truth is we've missed the regular contact with our valued customers!  Still been very busy with our online order deliveries until last week. Had a lot of custom meat orders as well. We have been able to hibernate a little with the short daylight and cold weather this last week.  Have had time to get treatment for my back and hip pain caused by an accident loading an ornery large  hog last August. Finally getting a little better but seems the diagnosis is I'll never recover fully because of my age. My wife SO has been staying busy in her Winter Green House and it is nearly full of new plant starts and micro/mini greens. So cabin fever not too bad yet!


     We still have things available to order.  Laying hens have perked up and we have more eggs now. Making some deliveries to Rocket Market on the South Hill again! Also restocked them with some meat items. 

    SO just can't stop her self from planting and growing things so we decided to go beyond the Micro-Green Mix and are adding what we call Mini-Greens. They are kind of like Spring Mixes but with a little more. We also now have Winter Storage Veggies available to order. We have heat and lights going in the Green House which helps the early starts for growing later in the hoop house so we can have produce ready as early as March. Will be adding them to the Produce Section of the Online Farm Stand as they are ready.  The walk-in freezer has been restocked with Poultry, Beef, Pork and Lamb. Only a few cuts out of stock now. Plan to do some more Custom Meat Processing if the weather permits in January. We can still make deliveries on Thursday by appointment only.  Other times may be available for large orders.

    Had four baby calves born recently. Expecting more soon. Hope the weather doesn't get too bad but I do have things set up so the cows have full access to a rocky forest area that gives them protection from the cold winds. We also have little portable huts the small calves can use to be warmer. I get some out door activity feeding them and checking for any more new calves.

    Didn't get the Hog shelters set up in time before the weather got so cold. During the Summer the pigs dig big holes in the huts that later fill up with water and freeze. I usually move them to a new spot and fill them up with straw. Got caught short by the early freeze. SO and I decided to let them use the big barn for shelter because no new babies expected for a few months. Hope the rascals don't tear things up in there as bad as last year. Got their feed grain done on time and should have enough til early Feb.  Have about eight feeder pigs that will be available for Winter-Spring orders.   Also have some lambs to order for early Spring.


    Membership sign ups down even though we have some very good New Members!  We're always sad to lose previous Members who we consider Friends but understand that life's events and circumstances change. Hope we have some additional new Members this Spring. We are the only local CSA program that grows for early and late season deliveries of 36 weeks, March thru November. We can do this because of the Hoop/Green houses we have set up over the years. These have high annual energy and maintenance costs so, unless we gain more Spring Memberships, like most other farms we may have to reduce our schedule to Summer only. 

Want to Wish You All a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!!

Gary and So Angell


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