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Happy Calf!

Hello Friends,

    Watching the weather reports closely everyday but still got a surprise with over a half inch of rain last night. Sure changes things here from the past few months of record heat and dryness. Please note that this News Letter is also now posted as a BLOG on the web site.


    Two new baby calves doing fine. When I try to visit them they run a way. Sure cute but I can't tell if they are girls or boys yet. Sow In the barn relaxing and birthing expected very soon. Mixing another 5 ton load of hog feed tomorrow. Even feeding the hogs hay as there isn't much pasture this Fall.

    Had to cull out the old hens who were too old to lay eggs much. A friend is using them to make chicken soup and stock. Ordered 150 new baby Pullet chicks that are due to arrive this Friday by air from the hatchery. Still have another batch of younger layers providing the eggs right now.  We used to have about 800 layers and never had enough eggs but now a lot of people have their own backyard chickens providing eggs. I would give up on them but to my wife they are like pets!

    We are experiencing an increase in cost for feed, minerals and other farm supplies as well as fuel and energy costs. The recent well pump replacement cost was about twice what I expected.  Seed costs as well much higher for that 40 acres I am working on planting. Getting closer to finishing that field. Finished rebuilding that harrow (a field rake 20 ft. wide and 10 ft. deep with 9 rows) from old harrows parts that self destructed from age some years back. Pleased with the results and its working great. Next step is the actual seeding. I'm using a seed drill planter that was probably built back in the 1920's. It's works better than the even older ones I used to have that were made in the late 1800's.  Been using it awhile but sure would be nice to find an affordable used one that's only 40 -50 years old. One like that would actually use hydraulics and rubber tires with the ability to plant multiple species of plants and a seed packer attached. The cost would be around $5000. I bought the used one I have for $100 and did a few repairs. Bought a spare for $50 that I use for parts.  Big rocks cause most of the damage and our ranch is known for having a lot of them - hence the name! Probably our best natural crop - haha. I still haven't figured out how they grow and keep popping out of the soil every year.

    Also working on repairs to my 3-point tractor mounted back hoe for digging ditches and post holes in the rock and such. Main problem is old dried out oil seals. Bought and loaded up a Winter's supply of feed minerals and potting soil supplies and fencing hardware.

    Saturday we took a 12 hour round trip drive to deliver meat to customers on the West Coast. Had a 1 hour break in the middle so my wife got to go shopping at a Korean Big Box store called H-MART in Federal Way.


    This will be the 31st Delivery this year. Five more remaining till the week before Thanksgiving.  Let's see what we plan to deliver this week.

Produce/Eggs - Micro Greens Mix, Lettuce Salad Greens Mix, Leeks, Salad Onions, Bulb Onion, Tomatoes, Potatoes, Winter Squash, Kale Chard, Kohlrabi, Bell Pepper, Broccoli, Napa Cabbage, Beets, Carrots, Herb-thyme and Eggs

Variety of Meats - Chicken, Ground Beef, Beef Steak, Pork Chops, Seasoned Ground Pork, Bacon, Smoked Sausage, and a Surprise item.

Looking Forward to Seeing You All Soon!

Gary & So :)


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