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Greener Pastures at Home

Hello Friends and Members,

    We're having greener pastures now after frequent rains over the past couple of weeks. It seems more like Spring then Fall. Never remember it being like this before.  It's causing some strange situations with the farming.


    Found a new calf born yesterday when checking the cattle.  We try to check them on pasture most everyday to make sure they have water and salt and have stayed home on our pastures. When we don't get the right head count we go looking for who is missing. That's how we found the newborn calf. Mother cows try to stay separate from the herd for awhile when birthing a calf which allows them to bond together and avoid curiosity by the others which can interfere. This is our third calf for late Summer.

    Some old fruit trees near the garden are so heavy with apples that the limbs are sagging to the ground.  We have been picking them and feeding to the cows as treats.

They go crazy over them and come running now when they see us approaching. The pasture grass and other forages like alfalfa are all actively growing and fresh green. The cows are loving this. Seems they like the fresh sprouts which are similar to micro greens and very nutritious to them.

    Poultry are enjoying the fresh greens as well and laying better as a result. Hogs also having good times and, with all the rain, there are many mud puddles for them to enjoy.

        This week I'll be taking stock to the processor to fill orders for October deliveries. Recently sales of Custom Beef and Pork have been very good following a slow season this Summer.  Been working on the stock trailer to get it ready. Had a flat tire, the towing hitch jack, and some back door hinge welds are all broke. Workable condition now. My Grandson is a good welder and came out to help.

    The unusual weather has brought on hatches of insects which is troubling us in the garden.  It will reduce our harvest of greens.  Still staying busy repairing buildings, fences and costly equipment more than usual this year!


    Had another welcome new Member sign up this week. That makes four in the last two weeks. Very encouraging. This is the 4th Delivery of the Fall Quarter already. We often pro rate the CSA cost to accommodate new Members who want to sign up mid season as long as they sign up for following seasons as well. Last Custom Beef and Pork portions before the Holidays will be scheduled for the late Oct early Nov window so time to get the last minute orders in. This includes Turkeys and special Holiday Roast orders as well.

Lets take a look at what we are planning to deliver this week.

Produce/Eggs - Micro Greens, Lettuce Salad Mix, , Kale , Chard, Salad Onions and Leeks, Rhubarb, Beets, Carrots, Daikon Radish Greens, Napa Cabbage, Red Cabbage, Beans, Fennel, Herb - Garlic Chives, Kohlrabi Bulb, Asian Cucumbers, Spaghetti Squash, Potatoes and Eggs.

Variety of Meats - Chicken, Ground Beef, Beef Steaks, Beef Jerky, Ham Roast, Pork Chops, Sausage and a Soup Item.

Looking Forward to Seeing You Soon!

Gary and So


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