Finishing up October

Hello Friends and Members,

Been a busy week. We just returned home from a round trip to the West Coast to deliver Custom Portion Orders of Beef and Pork. We make these deliveries most every Spring and Fall.

Farm News:

    Finished digging up all the potatoes and storing them for Winter. Besides the spuds we have carrots, beets, squash and dry onions put away as storage veggies. In January we start replanting greens for early Spring deliveries as well as starts for transplanting. Also picked up and put a whole processed beef in the freezer.

    Did some more door work on what we call the Red Barn. It currently has our walk in meat freezer and a walk in cooler we hope to use when the interior wiring and insulation of this building is all finished. Our plan is to use this building for food processing and storage in the future.

    One more baby calf born. Fed the cattle their first hay to make sure they stayed home while we were gone.  Even though they have been eating tasty green grass regrowth they sure went for that Alfalfa hay.

    Brought home another load of filled propane bottles to get us through the cold spell in the green houses starting this week.  Had to purchase and set up electric heaters in the hoop houses to protect the remaining veggies growing in them for the next few weeks. We don't normally have to do this so soon. It'll cost several hundred dollars a week extra this Fall.  On cloudy days we also turn on lights in the hoop houses.  These efforts are what make it possible for us to offer fresh local greens for a 36 week season.


Time to sign up for the next season!  This is the 33rd delivery of the year.  On your last delivery you'll receive supplemental storage veggies and or a Holiday Meat item; a Turkey for most but we do have a few alternate meats selections available.

Produce and Eggs:

Micro Greens Mix, Green Cabbage, Napa Cabbage, Daikon Radish, Celery, Kale, Chard, Carrots, Beets, Squash, Potatoes, Herb-Oregano, Leeks, Dry Onion, Garlic, and eggs.

Variety of Meats:

Two Ground Beef, Chicken, Beef Steaks, Beef Stir Fry/Stew Meat, Beef Roast, Bacon, Beef Soup Bones

See You All Soon!

Gary and So


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