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Updated: Sep 16, 2019

Hello Friends,

    Lots of fence work and transplanting to do but this great Spring weather certainly helps with getting the jobs done!

FARM NEWS:      Been doing a lot of work fixing fences and hauling the supplies of posts and wires and such to build a new fence around the garden and renovate a fence along the county road. In the past we used electric fence around the garden which didn't perform very well. This time it will be posts and field wire with a high tension wire at the top.  The fence along the road has often been easy for cattle to escape because of age as some of the wires were so old they would snap if tightened or pushed on by livestock.  After these two fence projects there are at least three more fences to repair and rebuild so we can better keep our cattle home. For us the cattle are our savings account but also the neighbors don't like them visiting. Still feeding the cattle hay and letting them roam over some areas of range grass but they are impatient and want to be turned loose on better pasture soon. Had a tractor breakdown with internal transmission problems which is delaying some of the fencing work. Have it apart and found a small defective shifting part but haven't yet figured out how to change it. Also the lawn mower won't start so I've got to figured that out too - haha!

    SO has been working diligently to assure a variety of fresh new plants for produce during the Summer Session of the CSA Program. All the Hoop / Green Houses have been cleaned up and re planted. Egg production is high again though we have had trouble selling them. Seems the demand for fresh healthy local farm grown eggs has declined to the point that producing them is no longer profitable. Gave away samples last week but can't afford to continue that for long. Farm fresh eggs are one of the most healthy nutritious foods available. This can't be said for factory corporate egg production!

    Our pork sales have been below the cost of production this Spring. Usually sell about 12 hogs by this time of year. Have only sold 3 so far.  Have noticed price for commercial factory pork in grocery stores is selling far below the cost of production, possibly due to the trade disputes with China. If you know of anyone who might be interested in trying better tasting and much healthier pork please tell them about us and our website.


    Only two more weeks after this one before the first Early 12 week Spring Quarter is completed.  If your planning to become a Member or need to renew your Quarterly Membership please let us know soon. The last two weeks will be May, 9th and 16th. The following week we will be closed for a one week break on the 23rd. The first delivery of the Summer Quarter will be May 30th. During the Summer Quarter we plan to close on the July 4th Holiday because it is on Thursday.

Let's take a look at what is planned for delivery this coming week on May 3rd.

Produce/Eggs - Micro Greens, Salad Lettuce Mix, Daikon Radish Greens, Napa Cabbage Greens, Leeks, Salad Onions, Herb-Parsley, Garlic Chives, Kale, Chard, Potatoes, Squash, Dry Onion, Carrots and Eggs.

Variety of Meats - Beef Roast, Ground Beef, Cube Steak Cutlets, Tenderloin Cutlets, Country Breakfast Sausage, Ham Steak, Ham Hocks, Polish Sausage

Nice to See You Again Soon!

Gary and So

Variety of salad greens, cucumbers, tomatoes, sugar peas, cabbage, kale, egg plant, peppers and herbs

More transplants

Full of transplants and fresh ready to harvest greens

Getting the fencing materials ready


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