February Farm Check In

Hello Members and Friends,

So and I are doing fine with health and well being and hoping the same for all of you!

Farm and CSA News:

This years Winter weather has been mild overall but has had some erratic extremes, such as the recent record setting wind storm that caused severe damage to some of our hoop houses. This will have some effect on our winter produce production for the Spring CSA Program.

We have enough facilities still operating to supply Produce CSA Program Members for the current coming Spring quarter but cannot support any new Members until Summer and Fall. If you wish to participate and sign up for our Summer or Fall programs please let us know as soon as you're able so that we can plan and prepare to grow accordingly. We're still undecided if we will grow produce for retail sales.

The windstorm also caused an extended complete power outage but we were able to keep the freezers in operation with portable generators. Thankfully, we've been able to get Winter processing done for livestock and poultry and are ready to supply the Variety of Meats CSA Program Members. We also have enough meat inventory to accept a few more Members for the Spring and later quarters.

Additionally, we have Livestock and Poultry available to order for custom processing but scheduling with the processer may require more time due to continuing Covid-19 Issues. After the first week of March we will also have a limited supply available for Retail Assortments and Sample Boxes and Select-a-Cut Ordering.

Had a few more baby pigs and calves born recently. We'll send out another Newsletter before our first delivery on March 4th. For those who are Half Share Members please advise us in advance which Thursday date you prefer for delivery.

We're looking forward to seeing you all soon! Stay well! We've been on volunteer quarantine simply by our extra long driveway. Also we're old enough for the early vaccinations when they become available.

Gary & So


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