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    Went to the far West pasture on the bluff to check on the cattle because I couldn't see any from the road. Turned out they were all grazing way down over on the steep bluff and down into the canyon. There is a big leafed wild plant with a big yellow flowers that grows down over the bluff. They call it Balsam Root. The cows love to eat those flowers. We also had a surprise finding a new Heifer just had a calf. Sure glad they didn't take off again. I'll be moving them closer to home in about a week. Have to do a little branding and tagging of calves and capture a few for processing.

    We finished all the garden cultivating and tillage as well as the new fence. Promised my wife we would get the fencing  done this Spring to prevent critters from visiting and destroying the plants in areas of the garden.  Plan to add an electric wire on the top later for the Deer.  She is already busy planting more transplant starts from the hot house.

    The Lawn Mower Tractor I got repaired did a lot of work and suddenly the engine tossed some hardware out thru the side of the engine block. Still trying to decide whether to replace it or buy a new mower. Of course the warranty it had ran out just a few weeks ago. Have to admit that mower worked a lot harder here than most would just mowing lawns. Still working on other fencing for the cattle to keep them out of the alfalfa hay fields.


    This will be the second delivery for the Summer Quarter.  We are planing on taking a scheduled break cancelling the July 4th delivery because many will want to go some where else on that holiday. So that'll be another skip but everyone will still receive the same number of deliveries. The first delivery went pretty well. Only a few Members showed up off schedule due to not knowing about the break.

    Had several new people try out a CSA Sample Box. They were concerned the new Session already started.  When this happens I can always work out a way to pro rate an amount for the remaining deliveries still coming. Let's take a look at the items planned for the coming delivery this week:

PRODUCE - Micro Green Mix, Salad Lettuce Mix, Spinach, Salad Onions, Leeks, Chard, Kale, Herb-Mint, Baby Napa Cabbage, Sugar Peas, Rhubarb, Squash and Eggs

Variety of Meats - Chicken, Ground Beef, Beef Roast, Beef Short Ribs, Ham Steaks, Bacon,  Sausage, Soup Bones.

See You All Soon!

Gary and So


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