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Fall New Grass Growth?!

Hello Members and Friends,

    Still working to keep the growing veggies from freezing at night.  Some truly beautiful days but frequently below freezing at night.


    This week we moved the cattle back to the pastures near the Rocky Ridge which is surrounded by the best hay fields. We do this to keep an eye them when calves are being born so we can ensure they're eating hay that's close to a water hydrant and tank that won't freeze.  One thing is really different this Fall.  With all the wet weather and cooler temperatures the hay fields have been re-growing and new alfalfa plants have reached a foot or more higher.  Soon as they get frosted, which should be Tuesday night when it is forecast to go down to 20 degrees, we'll be able to use about 80 acres for premium grazing. But the new growth is so rich there could be a chance of bloat (which can cause serious problems) so just to be safe I'm feeding a product called Bloat Guard for a few days. It tastes like molasses so the cows love it. It functions like an Alka Seltzer to keep their ruminant functions active. The up side of this new growth is it will save us a lot of hay feed. Quality feed like is only usually available in the Spring!

    The hog processing is going well. A few customers ordered late and will have to wait for the next schedule. This week I am taking several beef for processing to complete orders.  We plan to have orders for one more trip around the end of November.  Also starting to get orders for Turkey's, Duck and Goose. It's best to order early as last year we were sold out by Thanksgiving Day.

    Had to winterize the poultry huts after last weeks snow storm. The egg production was set back by the cold but has improved a little  now. Still working on out buildings and plumbing. Almost finished with new sliding doors on the workshop. Also starting on new doors for the food warehouse that we call the Big Red Barn.  I'm really amazed how much the prices for materials have gone up since the last time I did construction work.  We need these large doors to secure our products and equipment as well as to provide some Winter work spaces out of the cold weather and snow.

    My wife SO is working very hard to prune and thin the old growth out of the Hoop/Green houses to make room for new growth. The strange weather has created an insect hatch like usually only happens in the Spring during planting and early growth.  It has caused so much produce loss we've been forced to conserve what we have left by discontinuing any orders other than the CSA Program.


    Really busy last delivery. Somehow with the new Quarter several more deliveries are made on the Even Weeks now. In addition we had a record number of online special orders last week. But all went smoothly.  Beef Roasts, Ground Beef, Stir Fry and Stew Meat are in short supply and Beef Organs, Stock and Soup items out of stock.  Let's take a look at what is planned for this week.


Micro Greens Mix, Lettuce Salad Mix, Kale, Chard, Kohlrabi, Daikon Greens, Cucumbers, Summer Squash, Winter Squash, Bell Peppers, Carrots, Beets, Salad Green Onions and Leeks, Herb-Basil, Potatoes, Celery, and eggs

Variety of Meats:

Chicken, Ground Beef, Beef Steaks, Beef Surprise item, Deli Ham, Pork Ribs, Bacon, Sausage, Bacon/Ham Bits

Looking Forward to Seeing You All!

Gary and SO


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