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Deliveries Cancelled For This Week

Hello Members & Friends,

We are sorry to announce that this weeks deliveries for July 1st must be cancelled due to the extreme heat warnings for the next week or longer.

We genuinely regret the cancellation. This is the first time ever for us but the conditions and circumstances are beyond what we can work with. It's simply not practical or possible to harvest and process fresh produce under these conditions. Even last week with temps in the 90's So had to do most of her work from 2-6am, especially in the hoop and greenhouses. Hoping conditions will change so we can continue delivery's next week on July 8. We plan to provide a make up delivery and will arrange for that at a later date.

Farm News:

The scheduled pork processing will be delayed because of dangerous heat for the pigs. Currently they're able to get shade and wallow in a water puddle to stay cool. In the barn we're using fans and mist sprays for the sows with baby piglets.

We moved the cattle back into forested shade areas. Considering setting up a garden sprinkler for them if they seem too stressed. Really worried about the small calves.

Our hay just got cut and baled. The yield was only 10% of last year. May have to downsize the herd size this fall. A Livestock Drought Payment is being discussed by USDA but no details available yet. One thing is certain, all prices across the livestock industry are increasing. As a result, it would be wise to order your Custom Beef for this fall.

We'll be spending a lot of time now on trying to minimize the threat of fire. Advance clearing of firebreaks and debris piles near the home and farm structures. Setting up water sprinklers at key positions. Rigging tractors with sprayers and cultivators. Pre-filling water tanks for use if power is out. Setting up generators for freezers and well pumps. Last time we had serious conditions like this was in 1991. It was called the Firestorm year, which was preceded by windstorms and dryness like this season. Thankfully we survived it!

Wishing you all wellness and safety.

Hope to see you all again on July 8th.

Gary & So Angell


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