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Clear Skies & Restocked Freezers!

Hello Friends & Members,

    ATTENTION!! Next week, Aug. 29th, we will be on a break and there will be no CSA or Special Order deliveries!  This Thursday, Aug. 22nd, we will be making the normal deliveries.  It will be the last week of the Second Summer Quarter.  The new schedule for the Summer Quarter will start on Sep. 5th and everybody's CSA schedule will be the same. Online and Special Orders made during the Break week will not be delivered until Sep. 5th as well.

    For CSA Members who pay quarterly payment for the final Fall Quarter is due now! If you picked up last week please go online and submit the payment asap.

Farm News:

    We are so thankful the rain from the big thunderstorm put the local fire out so no more threat to us. We got over 2 inches of rain and hail. Very welcome to the pasture grass. The neighbor grain farmers started harvesting again Friday.

    Hauled about a 1,000 lb's of pork and beef cuts. Took me a whole day to load and unload it. Restocked with Ground Beef and assorted Sausage varieties along with many other specialty cuts like Pepperoni, Jerky, Bacon varieties, Deli Ham and such. This should stock us up for the rest of the season.  Soy free Broilers will also be in stock.

    Still haven't gotten delivery on the newer replacement tractor I ordered.  If I had known it would be delayed this long I wouldn't have ordered it. I guess during the break I'll need to try making repairs on my other older tractor to do the Fall field work. This is the toughest year I've ever had with equipment breakdowns and repairs. Still working on the fences from the damage done by all the snow drifts this Spring. My Wagyu (Kobi) Bull seems to delight himself jumping over fences to go where he pleases. About ready to take him to a new home called a stockyard!

    Went out checking on the new born calf and checked on most of the cows. Looks like several other calves on the way soon!

CSA News:

    Please see the break schedule above. Glad to announce another new Member for this Fall. Let's take a look at the planned deliveries of items this week.

Produce/Eggs - Micro Greens, Lettuce Salad Mix, Chard, Kale, Collard Greens, Kohlrabi, Cucumbers, Tomatoes, Potatoes, Carrots, Daikon Radish Greens, Sesame Leaf Greens, Red Cabbage, Napa Cabbage, Salad Onions and Leeks, Rhubarb, Garlic Chives, Herb-Lemon, maybe Berries and Eggs

Variety of Meats - Chicken, Ground Beef, Beef Steak, Beef Short Ribs, Pork Ribs, Deli Ham, Bacon, Soup item.

Looking forward to seeing you all soon! 

Gary & So


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