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This Thursday 3-6 Pm will be our first of 36 CSA Deliveries as well as deliveries of Farm Stand Special Orders placed by e-mail or phone or On-Line Orders.

CSA News:

    This first delivery is called an Odd week Delivery. If you didn't see it please refer back to the delivery schedule e-mailed out last week. We apologize for the shortage of fresh greens partially caused by the extreme cold weather these last weeks Following is what we have for you this first delivery:

    Produce/Eggs - Micro Greens Mix, Chard, Collard Greens, Swiss Chard greens, Salad Onions, Leeks, Radish Greens, Herb-Sage and Storage Veggies of Dry Garlic, Dry Onion, Beets, Carrots, Potatoes, Squash, Winter Cabbage and fresh Eggs

    Variety of Meats - Ground Beef, Chicken, Beef Roast, Steak Cutlets, Pork Chops, Bacon, and Country Sausage.

Farm News:

    We have just finished a tough time dealing with a few weeks of record cold weather. What a change from the mild January. when we started many plants in the Hoop/Green Houses.  To get thru the cold we had to crank up the Propane heaters as well as leave the Lights on all night to keep the plants growing otherwise they would have gone into dormancy. Even with this effort the growth rate was slowed. 

    We had about 6 calves born during these weeks. Surprisingly most of them did well. I provided special little bedded with straw shelters for the new born calves which helped. I had one surprise with a newborn calf that went missing. After watching the Mother I found it buried in a nest of hay with just two little ear tips sticking out. First time I have ever seen a Cow build a nest for it's calf.. Had to warm up a couple and provide a little extra milk.When the heavy winds came I herded the cows back into the forested area behind a ridge.

    Chickens did pretty well. Have a 50 gallon plastic  water tank hanging near the center of the coops with a 500 watt heater in it. The heat seems to radiate from the barrel and the birds drink heated water.Also have two 250 watt heat lamps hanging from the ceiling over the feeders.We have had some problems with weak egg shells.  Not sure why; could be weather related like lack of sunshine.

    Have three Sows nearing delivery we'll be moving into the barn tomorrow. One Sow is real close. She was a real good Mother last Summer. I would like to cut down on the work by not farrowing piglets anymore but somehow I just can't seem to quit.Running out of feed. Soon I'll be mixing another 10,000 lb.'s

    Sold some of my hay last Summer. Now I'm buying some of it back to get thru the rest of the cold weather. Glad it's my own hay but seems kind of crazy hauling it back home.This was actually caused by having to do emergency feeding last Summer after the fire damage we had ruining over 100 acres of pasture.

Healthy Food and Nutrition:

    I've been reading and studying many Blogs and Reports; etc about Eating Healthy. I'm finding there are many ideas and suggestions  with some that differ and most that end in a suggestion to by more books, Vitamin  or Prescription Pills. But with an open mind some Light of Truth shines thru the Fog.  I believe my age and experience also helps sort things out a little.

    My main input is growing as Healthy of food as possible!  That means growing Produce and Critters for Meat as Natural as possible . Avoiding GE/GMO plants and Feed. Also avoiding Synthetic Chemical Fertilizers and Pesticides. Animals grown as Humane as possible with out factory confinement (CAFO's) practices and only fed real food without Medications, Anti-biotics,  Growth Stimulants ,Artificial Seasonings , Preservatives, Bi-Products from animal and plant processing waste or Petroleum and Chemical processing residues.  Kinda think people would be better off to live and eat with similar Guidelines!

    This week I'll specifically mention the Number One toxic item we consume which is processed Sugar in it's many forms. When I was a kid they say the average American ate less than 4 lb.'s of sugar a year and most was from Natural Cane Sugar. If I was lucky I got to eat one Popsicle or candy bar (Made with real chocolate and other ingredients like nuts and coconut.) and one 8 oz sodapop a month. My Mother did prepare a lot of baked goods but frosting was saved for Birthday's and other Special Events. Don't think I ever saw a morbidly obese person anywhere at that time. Now we have morbidly obese children by middle school age.We not only consume about 50 lb's of processed sugar on average now but most of it is High Fructose Corn Syrup, Sugar Beets along with bi-product fructose and Sugar Cane; most all GMO which makes the genetic signature of these products unknown to our body which only  tolerates it as a toxin to filter thru our liver and kidneys and such or stores it as fat. This does not apply to the fructose from fresh natural plants and fruit or other natural sugar sources such as Honey, Coconut Sugar, authentic Maple Syrup and a few other foods. Glad to say our products neither consume nor provide any processed sugar. The worst of all is High Fructose Corn Syrup which is known to be addictive and unhealthy. BEWARE OF IT AT ALL COSTS!  We can thank Monsanto for this product!

Thank You if you had time to read all this. Needed to practice for the next 35 weeks! Looking forward to seeing you All!!!

    Gary and So


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