Beautiful Bales :)

240 beautiful hay bales to load up

Hello Friends,

The break for July 4th is over.  Remember CSA Members to adjust your schedule. If you were to come on July 4th, which was skipped, please come for your delivery this week instead. Others will need to come next week.


    Been a very busy week for us because of equipment breakdowns and extensive haying work. Also used the time to catch up on garden work. But most of the time was spent making repairs to the Hay Swather that does the mowing. It finally had a breakdown that was not repairable and I had to get help finishing by contracting with a neighbor. Last year the machine worked fine till a breakdown right at the end. The machine is only about 40 years old so I can't understand why it isn't still performing as it has for me the previous 20 years.  Considered buying a new mower but timing and cost wouldn't work. Have had more equipment breakdowns this Spring than ever before.

    The hay is all baled now so I have time to finish processing the cattle and piglets this week. One tractor and a garden cultivator still need repair. Grinding and mixing another 5 tons of hog feed today. This year the hay yield was down to only 240 Round Bales which is about a hundred tons. Should have been twice that. The field I planted last year did the best. The other two fields most likely were down because we had to graze them early this Spring when Winter lasted 6 weeks extra and I ran out of hay. Have one more field I am saving for late Summer grazing. Still have to gather the hay and store it which takes awhile. See photo.

    Still have more fencing work to do but the most important for the early part of the season got done, including a couple new ones. Still hope to do one more which involves moving the Corral away from the house area and up by the barn. My wife has been nagging me for years about the smell and flies.


    Hope everyone has the schedule change figured out. The total number of deliveries will still be the same. We just thought not many would want to come on July 4th because of other holiday plans. Guess we lost some coolers but most came back.  Let's take a look at what is planned for the CSA delivery this week:


Micro Greens, Salad Lettuce Mix, Kale, Chard, Collard Greens, Green Onions and Leeks, Red Globe Radishes, Rhubarb, Sugar Peas, Mini Napa Cabbage, Garlic Chives, Herb-Mint, Summer Squash, Still some Winter storage Squash, Asian Cucumber, Daikon Greens, Baby Broccoli and Eggs.

Variety of Meats

Chicken, Ground Beef, Beef Steak, Pork Chops/Steaks, Bacon, Sausage, Stir Fry/Soup Item

Note: Some steaks are from Spring harvest beef which is less fatty than late Summer and Fall so it will be leaner. Leaner meat is common for 100% healthy grass fed beef so be sure to consider marinating for tenderness. Have lamb available to substitute for beef or pork if requested.

See You All Soon!

Gary and So

Swather that cuts hay behind tractor


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