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Incredible lamb chops from our Ranch to your feast!

cheviot lamb

The Cheviot originated in the Cheviot Hills, on the border of England and Scotland.  Recognized as a hardy sheep as early as 1372, Cheviots did well in those bleak, windswept conditions, with their strong constitution, easy lambing, well developed mothering instinct, and fast maturity.  Introduced to Australia in 1938, the Cheviot has proved its ability to withstand the cold, wet winters of Southern Australia, and its vigor in foraging through the hot, dry summers, when feed is scarce.  The breed was introduced into the United States in 1838 from their native Scotland.


Lambs are from local farms and grass fed finished at our farm to market size.  We favor the smaller heritage breeds like Cheviot which are leaner, smaller muscled and have a mild sweet flavor and tender texture and far less fat.  No medications such as hormones, steroids or antibiotics are ever given to these lambs.  They are provided hoop shelters on pasture to protect them from cold weather.  We have found that by pasturing them with our hogs predators stay away.  They are supplemented with alfalfa hay during severe cold or dry weather conditions.