How We Raise Our Livestock


All the meat is from animals owned by Rocky Ridge Ranch and freshly processed.  Animals are treated humanly using natural and healthy forms of husbandry.  We go to great lengths to insure the healthiest and most nutritious meat possible from the animals we provide.  A glimpse into our growing practices includes:

  • Grass Fed Beef - Our cattle feed on grass pastures in the Spring and Summer and then forage dry land crops with Alfalfa, Peas, Oats, Beardless Barley, and Winter Hay all grown on our land. We also feed hay to the Poultry and Pigs during Winter.

  • Our pastures and hay are non-certified Organic

  • Managed grazing

  • Pork and Poultry - free range and pastured

  • Farm mixed feed with no hormones, medications or steroids. Also no by-products or processed waste products.

  • All our feed ingredients are organic or natural locally sourced

  • Supplements to feed include organic and natural sourced ingredients for minerals such as flax, kelp, and ground alfalfa

  • All our feed ingredients are ground and mixed fresh right on the farm

  • We avoid the use of GE/GMO feed ingredients and products

  • We avoid the use of soy or corn feed which improves nutrition and lengthens storage of meats

Gary bailing our own farm grown organic hay for next winter
One of our granddaughters caring for a newborn calf