Frequently asked questions

Are your beef truly 100% grass fed?

By definition of the National Grass Fed Association and USDA the answer is YES! Also, the grass and hay from our ranch is organically grown . But the NGFA and USDA definitions are false! Cattle pasture is rarely all grass. Cows are foragers not monoculture addicts that only eat one species of plants. Their natural diet is 100% veggies up to and including small tender parts of trees and brush, legumes like alfalfa, peas and clover as well as some flowering plants and weeds. They even love some root crops like turnips, radishes and others. So the full truth is my cattle are truly 100% FORAGE FED!!!

Are you certified organic? Why not?

Our cattle pastures and animals have been maintained with organic principles in mind since the early 80's. Unfortunately, the required recordkeeping and costs to become certified can be unmanageable for many small farmers. Farmers with a certification are only inspected by the USDA once a year, but they are required to keep daily records of everything, from how often they irrigate to total hours spent weeding and much more. And the more diverse the crop and pasture, the more complicated the paperwork and ongoing costs for certification. Even without the certification, for over two decades our Members have understood and been confident that we're providing them high quality produce and meats. People know us. We sell directly to them. We appreciate having the trust and support of our Members without which we of course would not be in business.

Does Rocky Ridge Ranch adhere to sustainable farming practices?

Yes. With rest periods between grazing, we increase the density of existing plants in our cattle pastures and allow for the re-introduction of new native plants. As a result, all of our grassland is deeply rooted, and this better root structure and thicker sod enables the landscape to catch and hold nearly all of the rain that hits it, resulting in virtually no soil erosion or flooding. Finally, this sustainable eco-system is a natural carbon recycler. The carbon our animals produce is reused by our plant life for further growth.

Do you feed antibiotics or hormones?

No, none of our animals are fed antibiotics or growth hormones throughout the course of their lives.

Are the cattle finished with grain?

Never. From the moment our animals are weaned from their mothers, they consume high quality forage for the rest of their lives. Not only is grain-finish counter to the values of grass-fed farming, but a change to a starchy grain diet can undo omega 6:3 ratios and CLA values in 30 days.

What do cattle eat in the winter?

The onset of winter doesn’t mean the end of grazing for our animals. There is still stock piled forage that they consume until it is harvested or snow is an issue. When snow makes grazing impossible, we feed our animals our own Alfalfa, Peas, Oats, Beardless Barley, and Winter Hay all grown on our land.

What is CLA?

Conjugated linoleic acid (CLA) is fatty acid that is produced naturally in the bodies of grass-fed animals and is found in their meat and milk. Grass-fed cattle are likely to have two to three times the amount of CLA as grain-fed animals, and this nutritional value is passed on to you when you eat grass-fed meat. Research shows that a diet rich in CLA can help reduce a person’s risk of cancer, atherosclerosis, and diabetes.

Is there an online order purchase minimum?

Yes the minimum is $50.

Does Rocky Ridge Ranch ship?

Currently the strong local demand for our products is enough to manage. However, for some special orders we may consider the possibility though you would need to contact us first to discuss this.

How much freezer space will I need?

One cubic foot of freezer space will hold approximately 22 to 28 lbs. of meat.

Nitrate-Free Bacon: Myth or Reality?

This website link below does a pretty good job of helping to clarify this often confusing subject. Essentially the bottom line to keep in mind is that, contrary to marketing slight of hand, Nitrites are actually in the Nitrate/Nitrite free meats being sold everywhere under the guise of "healthier". The key difference is, because they are present in a natural form (i.e. celery powder, beet powder etc.) manufacturers don't have to call the additive a Nitrite and the QUANTITY ADDED TO THE MEAT IS NOT REGULATED BY THE FDA! This is actually where the problem arises because, while most Nitrates/Nitrates break down during the curing process, excessive amounts are unhealthy and there are no restrictions to how much of the "natural" kind can be added. Conversely, the FDA tightly regulates the volume of Nitrates in their pure form that can be added to cured meats.

Do you offer a warranty on your products?

Absolutely. Our goal is to ensure every product that leaves our farm is of excellent nutrition, quality and flavor. If for any reason you are unsatisfied just let us know and we will replace or refund the cost. Meats - We raise only the best quality all natural, organic, pastured and grass fed livestock for our meats. Accept for some poultry, we raise all our own animals. Licensed processors cut and package all the meat for us. While they use double wrapping for long term freezer storage, from experience we know that sometimes there may be issues like products that aren't correctly cut, packaged or labeled. These problems are uncommon but again it's our desire that you be fully pleased so if they do occur just let us know and we'll make it right. Produce - We grow virtually all our produce using fully organic, sustainable and even biodynamic methods. We do the best to provide garden fresh products that have been washed, trimmed and sorted just as anyone would when bringing fresh garden products inside to be processed and prepared for eating. Still, sometimes a problem is not visible until a customer goes to use it. If this occurs please advise us and we will happily replace the items or provide a refund. Disclaimer: We provide all our products in iced coolers but Spokane summers can get very hot. So to ensure the best freshness and quality, please take your delivery home as soon as possible. If after delivery a fresh or frozen product is not kept properly cool, protected or frozen until ready to use, the Warranty does not apply.

Is the grass fed beef at my local grocery store truly locally raised?

Check out this incredible article to find out the startling answer.

Any recipe suggestions for the abundant microgreens we receive every week in our Produce CSA?

They are fabulous in salads, sandwiches, wraps and the like. However, they also make amazing juice. Just run them through the juicer and freeze in ice cube trays. Then when you're in the mood for something nutritious but don't have much time, simply toss a couple greens cubes with some apple or orange juice in the blender and you've got fast and refreshing superfood!