Our CSA Programs



We have a CSA Program for Produce and another for Variety of Meats.  CSA stands for Community Supported Agriculture.  It is a way to connect with local farmers and put a face on who is growing your food.  It's sort of like a subscription for regular food deliveries or a buying club but much more.  You'll partner with an actual hands on farmer to grow food right here in your local area benefiting your family and supporting your local farms, local economy and the environment.  Locally grown truly fresh foods provide a much higher level of important vitamins, minerals and nutrients that contribute to better overall health and well being for you and your family.  Also, reducing waste while allowing you to eat the way nature intended, the food will not be over processed or over packaged for sales appeal.  Lastly, you can actually visit the farm and see how your food is grown for yourself!

Our CSA Program was developed to provide fresh products for all the growing seasons of the year.  Products vary with the seasons and you'll likely receive some produce types that may be new to you.  We offer three 12 week programs for the Spring, Summer and Fall.  This schedule provides flexibility and economical choices.  Fall is our "Bountiful Harvest" period when besides the regular cooler full, for those Members that want them, we offer extra boxes of veggies to store or preserve for Winter.  At this time of year some Members have complained "Too much stuff, I can't use it all fast enough!" while others welcome the extra bounty to stock up by preserving them.  On that note, many other CSA programs deliver shares in cardboard boxes or small cloth bags.  We prefer to use large insulated coolers (with ice in the warmer seasons).  The coolers can hold a lot more and work much better to keep your products as fresh and clean as possible for the delivery.


The procedures are actually easy because there are no middle-men or brokers.  You'll deal directly with the farmer and develop a mutually beneficial relationship.  You simply sign up with a Membership form for the program and season(s) you want.  The form will explain the delivery schedule and costs.  You'll pay an initial fee to reserve your place in the program.  We can only support a limited number of Member Shares so it's best to sign up well ahead of your chosen season.  This also helps fund the farmer to plan and grow the crops and animals needed for

the whole season on a timely basis.

All Members:

  • When - CSA deliveries are weekly or biweekly (depending upon your membership plan) on Thursday evenings from 3-6 PM

  • Where - We meet at our drop site located at a spacious well lit parking lot at 17th and Ray just a short distance up Spokane's South Hill from the Freya-Thor Exit off of I-90.  It's best to enter from 18th.

  • What - Your insulated cooler delivery of Produce and or Variety of Meats

  • Newsletter - You will get a weekly email newsletter early in the week with the latest CSA and farm information

  • Substitutions - If you have issues with or preferences for certain veggies you can trade them for any other variety we have available for the table retail sales on that day.  Or, with advanced notice, special requests for substitutions can usually be accommodated.

  • Coolers - Thank you for cleaning and returning your empty cooler each visit

  • Pick-up schedule changes - It is very important to please remember your pick up schedule and notify us in advance when you can't make it to a pick up.  This way we can save the delivery for you until other arrangements can be made.  If you do not, because your order is harvested, cleaned, packed and transported to the pick-up site you will be responsible for its cost.

Half & Full Share Options

As described above, our large insulated coolers can hold a lot, which is great for families.  Most families of 3 or more, or even couples who love to eat an abundance of healthy foods, do just fine with Full Shares.  However, if you're ordering for a couple who doesn't normally consume a lot, or ordering just for yourself, you may prefer a Half Share.

As always you're certainly welcome to try either option until you know which will best meet your needs.


For CSA Members we offer an extra Holiday Box of Produce the last week of the CSA year, at no cost, for use for Thanksgiving.  Also extra bulk quantities can be special ordered at a 10% Discount.

It is our privilege to supply those in the local Spokane Area.  As we provide healthy and fresh food for you and your family we also want you to know you are an essential element to ensuring our farm's livelihood and continued existence.  We value the important role you play in supporting our farm.  Thank You!


Produce CSA

Diverse Variety


In addition to the vast quantities of produce we generally pack into the coolers, especially at the height of the growing season, we also take pride in the diverse variety of vegetables and herbs we provide.  Like all CSA programs we certainly offer the trusty standards such as tomatoes, lettuce, carrots and green beans.  But thanks to my wife's Korean influence we believe our CSA sets itself apart from others with unique offerings like Micro Greens, Bok Choi, Daikon Greens, Sesame Leaves, Sage, Pea Shoots, Physalis and more  


Seasonal Offerings


Depending upon the season, our gardens and hoop houses are in constant motion and rotation of what

we're growing at any given time.  This helps ensure an abundance of diverse produce for you every week.


Here is a sampling of the kinds of produce that can go out in your coolers on a given seasonal week:


Fresh Micro Green Mix, Salad Lettuce Mix, Spinach, Salad Onions, Garlic Greens, Radish Greens, Chard, Kale, Daikon Greens, and Sage.  Storage Potatoes, Winter Squash, Carrots, Beets, Dry Onions


Fresh Micro Green Mix, Lettuce, Collard Greens, Tomatoes, Cucumber, Carrots, Napa Cabbage, Summer Squash, Collard Greens, Sugar Peas, Daikon Radish Greens, Fennel, Swiss Chard, Egg Plant, Garlic, Basil, Raspberries, and Strawberries


Fresh Micro Green Mix, Leeks, Cherry Radishes, Kohlrabi, Green Sweet Peppers, Parsnips, Tomatoes, Sesame Leaves, Potatoes, Corn, Beets, Shallots, Winter Squash, Green Onions, Green Beans, Garlic Chives, Thyme, and Rhubarb

Our farm fresh organic produce



The CSA Farmer acts as the Club Leader.  You'll actually be pre-ordering and purchasing a portion of a live beef, hog and lamb along with poultry owned by Rocky Ridge Ranch at the farm.  In addition your Membership cost pays for: arranging the slaughter and processing, picking up the packaged fresh frozen meat, sorting out your portions and storing it in bulk for you in a freezer at the farm.  Then each week part of your portion of the packaged meat is selected and packed in a cooler for delivery to you.

The Meat is all "Flash Frozen" when processed into packaged, cut and double wrapped portions for freezer storage.  This is what it means when meat is called "Fresh Frozen".  The beef is aged for improved tenderness and selected meats are seasoned and cured before packaging.  This meat will store for periods much longer and safer than meat brought home from a grocery store and frozen in a home freezer.  At the farm we store the meat in a commercial Walk-In Freezer, licensed and inspected as an "On Farm Food Storage Facility".

All weekly deliveries will contain 10-15 pounds of meat items packed in an insulated cooler.  Whole Shares are delivered weekly and Half Shares are alternating weekly deliveries.  Each delivery the previous empty cooler is traded for the next one so packaged meat is always kept frozen and clean.  It may take a few weeks to collect enough cuts of the same type for larger family gatherings.  By contacting us in advance, extra USDA processed cuts of meat can always be special ordered at a 10% discount for Members.  You'll receive a Special Holiday Meat item at the end of the season just before Thanksgiving such as a Turkey, Goose or large Ham.


We have a wide variety of meat products available from our farm, and except for turkeys, most are generally available year round.


Here is a sampling of the kinds of meat products that can go out in your coolers on a given week:


All Seasons

Variety of Steaks, Ground Beef, Country Style Pork Ribs, Chicken, Bacon, Seasoned and Unseasoned Ground Pork, Breakfast Sausage, Beef Steak Cutlets, Smoked Sausage Links, Beef Stew Meat, Beef Roast, Pork Roast, Pork Chops, Stir Fry Beef, Lamb Cuts (when requested), Surprise items and much more.

Our farm fresh and pastured grass fed meats