Rocky Ridge RANCH

We are a Small Family Farm located in the Inland Northwest near Spokane, Washington.
We practice sustainable and organic farming methods.

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Free Range-Pastured Production Methods

It is well established that pastured livestock produces meat with lower levels of saturated fat and higher levels of vitamins, minerals, CLA, and Omega 3.  The healthiest freshest feed possible is fed without medications. This, in addition to the healthy environment outdoors, allows the pig to grow free ranging on pasture without abnormal stress. They also enjoy the fresh untreated water, fresh air, and plenty of room to roam, play, and exercise.  This all contributes to natural muscle development and lower saturated fat.

The sow farrows in a well bedded, protected, and roomy area. They are not crowded into mechanical crates with abrasive concrete floors as is the case with industrial-scale pork producers. The sow is allowed to raise her piglets herself in a social outdoor environment with other family groups. She will generally nurse her piglets for 12-14 weeks providing her natural sources of fat and protein to the piglets. She also continues to mother them, keeping them warm and protected as she teaches them how to forage. (** see note)

The sow may only have one litter a year by this method, but we consider this more humane and it allows her to live many years longer than her industrial-scale farmed sisters whose confinement shortens their lives to only 2 or 3 years, and in many cases less.

Later she will join the Boar with "Ladies in Waiting" in a Breeding Pasture adjoining the Boar Paddock.

As the piglets grow into finishing Hogs, (also known as feeder pigs), they continue foraging on pasture and are supplemented with All Natural feed grains that we custom mix using fresh local small grains such as Barley, Wheat, Triticale, Oats, and Peas. Our farm is a dry land farm and when our forage eventually turns dry we pasture a "Forage Salad Bar" of annual plants such as turnips, herbs, sunflowers, and clover among others that supplement the grains. Later in the year we supplement their diet with alfalfa and pea/oat hay which continues through the winter.

Our hogs grow to reach 250 to 300 lbs, larger than most commercial operations that focus on the most economical feed conversion rate rather than the quality of pork and the welfare of the animal. If you wish to purchase a larger hog for a larger variety of possible cuts, you may place custom orders with advance notice to allow us to grow the hog up to 500 lbs.

** Note: Industrial operations remove piglets from the mother after 10-14 days. The baby piglets are stressed and require special medication and medicated-concentrate feeds which usually contain low quality bi-product protein and fats. They are also given injections of medications and several vaccinations to enable them to survive in special indoor nurseries.

Call or email for current prices and send us an order form to reserve your pork.

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