Rocky Ridge RANCH

We are a Small Family Farm located in the Inland Northwest near Spokane, Washington.
We practice sustainable and organic farming methods.

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Berkshire Hogs - Healthier Pork Meat

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Orders are processed via PayPal and delivered in the Spokane Area, or Seattle area by prior arrangement.

It is well established that pastured livestock produces meat with lower levels of saturated fat and higher levels of vitamins, minerals, CLA, and Omega 3.  The healthiest freshest feed possible is fed without medications. This, in addition to the healthy environment outdoors, allows the pig to grow free ranging on pasture without abnormal stress. They also enjoy the fresh untreated water, fresh air, and plenty of room to roam, play, and exercise.  This all contributes to natural muscle development and lower saturated fat.

The high CLA fat found in the muscle marbling of animals raised on pasture is considered a healthy fat with many health benefits! The meat is processed locally by people we know whose business depends on the quality of their work. You may talk to them or visit the facility yourself.

Learn More about the health benefits of pastured pork at Eat

Call or email for current prices and send us an order form to reserve your pork.


In addition to our whole and half carcass orders, our pork may be purchased in USDA retail packages at the Rocket Market on the South Hill of Spokane on 43rd, and directly from us at the farmer's markets from which we are currently selling.

Retail purchases of individual cuts (USDA Processed.) can be made at our Farm Stand at 17th and Ray in Spokane [Map], Thursdays, 3-6pm, June-November.

We also also offer Halves and Whole carcasses for WSDA Custom processing for your freezer. Call for current prices and availability.

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