Rocky Ridge RANCH

We are a Small Family Farm located in the Inland Northwest near Spokane, Washington.
We practice sustainable and organic farming methods.

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Three Seasons CSA Programs

General information and procedures

CSA stands for Community Supported Agriculture. It is a way to connect with Local Farmers and put a face on who is growing your food. It's sort of like a subscription for regular food deliveries or a Buying Club but much more. You Partner with an actual hands on Farmer to grow some of your food right here in your local area. You'll help sustain the small farms in your community as well as receive the benefits of locally grown truly fresh food. Fresher food maintains a higher level of healthy vitamins and minerals for better nutrition and health. Also our farm doesn't use pesticides or synthetic fertilizers or grow Genetically Engineered Plants (GMO). So you can eat foods the way Nature intended.

The food you receive won't be over processed, sorted, and packaged for sales appeal but it will be fresher and healthier. We have a CSA Program for Produce - Eggs and another for Variety of Meats. Furthermore you can actually visit the farm and see how your food is grown for yourself. As a CSA Member you'll also benefit and support your local economy and environment with results lasting possibly for generations. You'll be supporting the survival of local agriculture and an alternate source of food for the future in your community.

Our three Seasons CSA Program was developed to provide fresh products for all the Growing Seasons of the year. Products vary with the Seasons and you'll receive some produce types and cuts of Meat that may be new to you that you have been missing the nutritional value of. We offer three 12 week programs for the Spring, Summer and Fall. This schedule provides flexibility and economical choices.

The Procedures are actually easy because there are no middle-men or brokers. You'll deal directly with the Farmer and develop a mutually beneficial relationship. You simply sign up with a Membership form for the program and season(s) you want. The form will explain the delivery schedule and costs. You'll pay an initial Fee to reserve your place in the program. We can only support a limited number of Member Shares so it's best to sign up well ahead of the Programs scheduled Season. This also helps fund the farmer to be able to plan and grow the crops and animals needed for the whole season on a timely basis.

You will get a weekly Newsletter early in the week with the latest information. You'll meet us weekly for your Cooler Delivery of Produce w/Eggs or Variety of Meats at a convenient location in Spokane. This year it is on Thursday Evenings from 3-6 PM at a spacious well lighted Parking Lot at 17th and Ray just a short distance up the South Hill from the Freya-Thor Exit off of I-90. Best to enter from 18th. The following week you simply return the previous weeks Cooler and pick up another.

It is important to remember your pick up schedule and notify the Farmer in advance when you can't make it to pick it up because if your order is harvested, cleaned and packed you will still be responsibly for its cost. It's also important to clean and return your cooler so you'll receive another one to take your products home. We use coolers to keep your products as clean and fresh as possible for the delivery.

It is our privilege to supply those in the local Spokane Area. As we provide the healthy and fresh food for your and your family we want you to know you are an essential element which ensures our farm's livelihood and continued existence . We value the important role you play in supporting our farm. Thank You!

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