Rocky Ridge RANCH

We are a Small Family Farm located in the Inland Northwest near Spokane, Washington.
We practice sustainable and organic farming methods.

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Produce - Eggs CSA

Our "Cooler of the Best" Fresh Local Produce and Free-Range Pastured Poultry Eggs

Please read the CSA General Information and Instructions page for a background to fully understand our CSA Programs.

How do we have produce for Three 12 week Season of the year? CSA Produce Program

We grow in two 12 x 60 foot partially heated and lighted Hoop Houses and a small Green House during the Winter. This probably isn't profitable on it's own but as part of the overall CSA Program we think its worth while to supply our most enthusiastic CSA Members. For when it warms up a little we plant about 20 rows of biannual veggies in the late Summer to get them well started and in the Fall cover them with 4 x 50 foot Low Hoop Tunnels and four 12 x 30 foot High Tunnels where they will break dormancy and be the first to grow for the earliest garden harvest to join up with the other covered veggies above. These include a variety of greens such as earl lettuce, Spinach, Chard, Kale, green onions, radishes, bok-choi, sugar peas, and others as well as early carrots and beets with greens. Also micro-greens. Also we'll have late Fall harvested Root crops (potatoes, carrots, beets, parsnips) and Winter Squash and other dry veggies like onions and garlic that we store through the Winter months.

Summer CSA Produce

We continue growing in all the Low Tunnels and Hoop Houses (No heat and lights needed now.) In our North Eastern WA short growing season they provide frost protection and the ability to grow some warm weather long growing season plants to maturity. This is needed for things like tomatoes, peppers, eggplants, cucumbers, and melons. Outside the root crops above are also growing for early fresh harvest as well as many other greens such as Lettuce, Cabbages, Chard, Kale, Collard, Broccoli, Kohlrabi, Onions, Garlic, Summer Squash and more. We also have a few Berries and melons we are trying to learn to grow with some limited success.


This is our "Bountiful Harvest" period when besides the regular cooler full we offer extra boxes of veggies for Members to store or preserve for Winter for those that want them. At this time of year many Members have complained; "To much stuff, I can't use it all fast enough!" while other s welcome the extra Bounty to stock up by Preserving them. Basically we just keep growing the same things as in Summer but many of the varieties start maturing. As we are busy harvesting we also start planting for the next Spring. We cover as much as we can with frost protection and start turning on the heat again when needed in the Hoop Houses. We usually need help around this time of year.

For your CSA Membership Share you will receive one of our "Coolers of the Best", a 38 qt cooler, each delivery, with enough seasonal produce for a family of 4-6 persons. Next delivery, just return the previous empty cooler for an exchange. For smaller families Some Members find a Partner to split their Share with. Half Shares are also available which consist of a normal delivery only every other week.

Seasonal growing of produceWill result in different veggies becoming available at different, "In-Season" times of the year. This is due to the natural growing seasons and ripening or maturing of the plant's normal growing cycle. We believe by following natures timing we often benefit from improved flavor and nutrition. You may encounter some veggies you have never used before so be ready for a cooking and dining adventure! Fortunately now days you can just Go ogle any veggie and a wealth of growing and cooking information is readily available.

Basic cost is a once a year non-refundable Membership Fee of $150. The weekly Deliveries for Produce - Eggs will be $50/week. Advance Pay Members are discounted. For more information please take a look at the "Membership Agreement Form"

For CSA Members we offer an extra Holiday Box of Produce the last week ,at no cost, for use for Thanksgiving . If you have a problem with certain veggies you can trade them for another variety we have available for table sales. Also any extra bulk quantities can be Special Ordered with a 10% Discount.

How we grow produce

In the Garden we do our Best to grow Bio-Dynamically like organic but to a higher standard then the Government Organic Program requires. We try to be in tune with Nature! Our Garden was started about 30 years ago and has grown from a 1/4 family plot to the present two - acres. We use plant diversity, crop rotation, beneficial organisms (Bugs and Worms.) and natural fertilizers; yes even including rotted manure as well as ground alfalfa, kelp (seaweed), bone meal, feather meal, Diatomatious Earth (ground seashell), compost and other natural produced nutrients and minerals. No synthetic pesticides, preservatives or fertilizers.

The eggs you'll receive will be absolutely fresh from Free Range - Pastured Hens. All their feed is natural and ground and mixed right here at the farm to avoid by-products, GMO, preservatives and medications. See more info on Poultry in the Poultry Section of this web site.

You should think of our products as fresh from the garden. We trim and pre-wash but you'll need to finish processing them just as if they came in from your garden which is what we want to be for you! You'll actually find a bug or bug hole now and then. Personally I worry about food that a bug won't even eat! We favor Organic and Heirloom seeds and avoid GMO varieties like they are a curse or plague.

We do not believe in the practice of requiring permission of the Federal Government to grow and sell our fresh local produce direct to you on a face to face basis. Besides after doing all the paper work we would have little time left to do any Gardening! We welcome customers to come and do their own inspection! See the Contact page for directions. Careful, we might put you to work!

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