Rocky Ridge RANCH

We are a Small Family Farm located in the Inland Northwest near Spokane, Washington.
We practice sustainable and organic farming methods.

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Variety of Meats CSA Memberships

Please read the CSA General Information and Instructions page for a background to fully understand our CSA Programs.

Natural Beef CSA Programs Natural Beef

The Variety of Meats CSA Program is just like a Meat Buying Club:

Meat buying club

The CSA Farmer acts as the Club Leader. You'll actually be pre-ordering and purchasing a portion of a live beef, hog and lamb along with poultry owned by Rocky Ridge Ranch at the farm. In addition your Membership cost pays for: arranging the slaughter and processing, picking up the packaged fresh frozen meat, sorting out your portions and storing it in bulk for you at a freezer at the farm. Then each week part of your portion of the packaged meat is selected and packed in a cooler for delivery to you.

How the Meat is Processed Stored and Delivered:

The Meat is all "Flash Frozen" when processed into packaged, cut and double wrapped portions for freezer storage. This is what it means when meat is called "Fresh Frozen". The Beef is aged for improved tenderness and selected meats are seasoned and cured before packaging. This meat will store for periods much longer and safer than meat brought home from a grocery store and frozen in a home freezer. At the farm we store the Meat in a commercial Walk-In Freezer, licensed and inspected as an "On Farm Food Storage Facility".

Fresh Spokane natual meat

A weekly delivery of one Share in a cooler will contain 10-15 pounds of meat items. (see below) Half Shares are available for alternating weekly deliveries. Each delivery the previous empty cooler is traded for the next one. So packaged meat is kept frozen and clean. It may take a few weeks to collect enough cuts of the same type for larger family gatherings. Extra USDA processed retail cuts of meat can be Special Ordered for special occasions. As a CSA Member in this program the order will be discounted 10% or more. You'll receive a Special Holiday Meat item at the end of the season just before Thanksgiving such as a Turkey, Goose or large Ham. If you must miss a delivery PLEASE notify us in advance and we'll save the delivery for you until other arrangements can be made.


Basic cost is a once a season non-refundable Membership Fee of $100. The weekly Deliveries for Variety Meats will be $100/week. Advance Pay Members are discounted. For more information please take a look at the "Membership Agreement Form"

A typical example of a weekly delivery follows:

A Chicken, Ham or Roast (Beef or Pork)3-5 lbs
Lean Ground Beef or Fresh Pork 1 lbs
Sausage, or Bacon, or links 1 lbs
Pork Chops or Beef Steaks (2/pkg)2-3 lbs
Pork or Beef Cutlets1-2 lbs
Ribs, Stew or Stir Fry Meat Ham Hocks or other Soup Meat item 1 lbs
Occasional Specialty Meats such as Pepperoni, Bratwurst, Summer Sausage, Hot Dogs 1 lbs
Organ Meats such as Liver, Heart, Kidneys, unprocessed Back Fat, Kidneys, Marrow Bones available at no cost when available 3-5 lbs

Note: Lamb can be substituted for equivalent cuts of beef or pork. Also duck can be substituted for chicken.

OUR Husbandry Practices:

All the meat will be from animals owned by Rocky Ridge Ranch and freshly Processed. Animals are treated humanly using natural and healthy forms of husbandry. We go to great lengths to to insure the Healthiest and most Nutritious Meat possible from the animals we provide. Our growing practices include: CSA natural meat

  • Grass Fed Beef - Range pastures in the Spring and Summer then dryland forage crops with our Alfalfa, Peas, Oats Beardless Barley Winter Hay. We also feed hay to the Poultry and Pigs during Winter.
  • Our pastures and hay are non-certified Organic
  • Free Range - Pastured Pork and Poultry
  • Farm Mixed Feed with no Hormones, Medications or Steroids Fed Also no by-products or processed waste products fed. All our feed ingredients are organic or natural locally sourced. Supplements to feed including organic and Natural sourced supplements for minerals such as flax, Kelp,ground alfalfa.
  • We Avoid use of GE/GMO feed ingredients and products.
  • No Soy or Corn fed to hogs which lengthens storage of processed meats.

More Information:

To Order please go to our Order Forms on the Contact Page More CSA meat program information

For more information on our Livestock and Poultry Operations and ordering please review those sections of this web site (See web Links below). If the CSA isn't enough Meat or Poultry for you you can Special Order Carcass Portions for your home freezer like Halves and Wholes. or larger orders of poultry. We also sell retail meat cuts at our Farm Stand at Owen's Auctions - Warehouse Parking Lot at 17th and Ray.

You are also welcome to visit the farm! Please see our Contact page for directions and other info.

Feel free to contact us directly if you have any further questions.

Thank You for considering this CSA Program.

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